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Add new column in Application

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Dear experts

I need Modifify the layout for the application that use the component HRESS_CC_GUIBBL_PTARQ_TIMEACC " View Time Account Balances".

The requirement is add new column.

How can add  news columns? The columns that I need display are:

Information of the Infotype PA2006-ENDDA that not appear with the layout delivered by SAP.

Information of the Infotype PA2006-KVERB that not appear with the layout delivered by SAP.

Beside, I also need show a column new

ColumnNew = PA2006-ANZHL - PA2006-KVERB

Thanks in advance,


Carmen G

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Carmen,

You need to copy/enhance the configurations delivered. Since you also need a new column with some calculation you need also a change in the corresponding feeder class of the time account GUIBB.

You can find document regarding FPM configuration and adaptation

Also refer to FPM cookbook available on SCN

Regards, Sagar

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