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Add Default standard text to notification on creation

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Hi experts,

Is it possible to automatically add standard text when the notification created.

Currently we are asking users to manually add the standard text which is wast of effort for every notification.

If yes, please explain the details how to do.



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We have used user-exit QQMA0025 (SMOD) to read/save a default standard text which is applied to the header long-text of specific notification types during IW21.

We used function modules READ_TEXT and SAVE_TEXT to manipulate the data.

Talk to your ABAP team -  they should be able to help.


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Hi Pete,

I know it is a little late to ask on this post. But just hoping may be you'd know the answer...

I already did the part to show default long text at time of creation. However in my system if you do not enter anything on the text that was copied to notification , it is not being saved.

Debugging it i found out that Standard SAP calls a FM on commit through a subroutine TEXT_UPDATE to change the initial name to the new number that has been assigned to the notification.

The problem comes in the cl_gui_text_editor the read in text stream is set only for modified(harcoded in standard sap when calling the method to read text stream)(and as in this case we did not touched the editor/changed anything so it showed blank). and then we created ITF data , which was later on passed to the internal table that stores the text ( and then on to text_update).

I am still trying to get a workaround for this problem. May be you faced it too ? and already have a workaround ?

Thanks in advance,