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Add column to sales order header partner layout

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hi all,

is there a possibility to add a column to the sales order header partner layout overview?

for example i want to add the country code of each partner to the partner overview.

below you can see an example what i mean.

i've already tried to configure it within the configuration icon, but it doesn't work.

can anyone help me?

best regards


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Answers (4)

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For your requirement you need to make the Country key visible as per the below screen shots:

Make sure your profile has the authorization object assigned as S_ADMI_FCD *(Discuss with your Basis)

And Save the Variant.

Check and revert if any issues.



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                       There is no way to get the Country to be displayed in that table. I have been through that requirement once. Dug through all that massive amount of code only to find that:
1.) SAP just did not bother getting the other Customer related information
2.) and then hid everything it did not want to end up on that screen.

If you still want to take a shot at it, you can get the code checked by a Technical guy in the Include LV09CF38

The only way is to double click the Customer and see the Country.


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To my knowledge it's not feasible using any "kosher" methods in the standard transaction. I wouldn't recommend a modification in these times when so many wonderful UI tools such as Personas are available. Also I'm not super-smart or anything but usually I can guess the country just by looking at the city and postal code. We sell to 100+ countries but no one ever requested this and we have some very special users too.

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Hello Christian,

I do not thing it will be possible with SAP Standard settings. You will have to speak to your Developer to explore the possibilities if enhancing the screen layout.

This will also involve taking Access key from SAP, as you will be modifying the SAP Standard object.

But what is the business requirement to have country key in the Sales Document Partner Tab? User can anyways see full Customer address by double on respective partner.


Jignesh Mehta

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Dear Jignesh,

thanks for your reply!

I know that users can the full customer address by double click ... But, as you surely know, there are so users which are a little bit different ...

Best regards