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Activate Item in Process Order - Alternative Item Group

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Hello Expert,

I need your help.

I have a business requirement where they need to use Alternative Item Group.

The business process is that there are BOMs where materials are defined that can be used or not for consumption.

At the time the process order is used, the user knows what materials to use.

What is needed is: - To be able to define materials that are going to be used or not in the BOM. - Certain materials should not generate needs for the MRP until the moment that the user modifies their quantity in the process order because the user knows that they are going to consume it.

I have tried to configure Alternative Item Group in all its combinations and I cannot make the materials configured with Usage prob. = 0 in the list of materials that has the Process Order, the field appears enabled for the user to enter the new quantity, is this possible? I know that entering the item in the bill of materials can modify the quantity, this is what you want to avoid.

Requirement: The materials identified in Alternative Item Group must generate 0 needs in the MRP, 0 Un in the process order and the requirement must appear in the Requirement Quantity field.

This is possible? How?

thanks and regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi fersap , you must maintain another alternative item in BOMs for example , FG1 may posible to consume matA ,matB and matC , you must maintain mat A,B,C with the same group number and prority of material which one should be first prioritized with percent of usage in each alternative materials.You can follow step of maintaining alternative item by this link



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Hi Thanabodee Patrick Chitapunya, how are you?

Thanks for this.


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