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Accrual of additional leaves post running time evaluation- SAP HCM

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Dear All,

We are encountering issue in accrual of additional annual leaves post running time evaluation on time schema for employees.

Current scenario:

Time evaluation is run up to 20.12.2017 and the updated total annual leave entitlement is 168.89 days and remaining annual leave entitlement is 53.59 days in PT_QTA10 report and as @01.12.2017 the annual leave balance on time wage type-2200 is 53.59 days in PT_BAL00 report.

Employee raises annual leave from 01.07.2017 to 22.08.2017 (calendar days= 53.00) from IT2001. After excluding Saturdays', Sundays', and Public Holidays, the no. of absence days is 34.00. The expected remaining annual leave balance is 53.59 minus 34.00 = 19.59 days post running time evaluation on time evaluation schema. But,instead the employees total annual leave entitlement is increased to 174.54 days and total remaining annual leave balance is 02.54 days instead of 19.59 days in reports PT_QTA10 & PT_BAL00.

Our client does not want employee's annual leave entitlement to be accumulating after every time evaluation run via PT60 for the days time evaluation was already run.

Kindly request you all to assist me fix the issue of accrual of additional leaves at the earliest as this issue is on very high priority.

I would indeed be grateful if somebody can quickly assist with issue.

Thanks & Best regards,


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