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Dear Sap Guru,

In MM01 I have maintained the accounting view for Valuation class FERT. but by mistake in the price control maintained Moving average instead of Standard Price

My question is that due to this reason the bill is not made Is it true.

Please tell me.


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In your Sales Order you can check the Item analysis - which will gives you the details of the same.

For getting the Cost of the material, it'll check the latest cost updated (updated through costing run), but in your case it is not standard price and the same thing you are getting as error.

You can change the price control. For this details are as below:

Under certain conditions, you can change the type of price control:

From standard price to moving average price

You can make this change at any time. The moving average price (which until now has

been updated for informational purposes only) replaces the standard price and is used

for valuation from now on.

From moving average price to standard price

You cannot make this change in the following two cases:

§ If the material master record is set up as a valuation header record for a material

§ subject to split valuation For more information, see Split Valuation

§ If the standard price comes from costing and is not equal to the moving average

§ price

If the change is possible, the moving average price becomes the standard price, which is

then used for valuation.

You change the type of price control by overwriting the price control indicator in the material

master record with the new indicator.

Changing the type of price control for a material does not change the value of the material stock,

since in both cases the current price becomes the new price. This is shown in the following



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Dear K S,

Thx for quick reply. Just say one thing I have confuse only this reason means Moving insted of Standard Price thats why bill is not made.


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Whatever you maintain, billing happens. Check if you get any error message. Let me knwo the same.