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Account Segmentation

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Hi Experts,

I want to use Account Segnmentation and for that i follw the path Administration -> System Initialization -> Company Details ->Basic Initialization and i check the Use Segmentation CheckBox.

Now I want to define Account Segmentation but this path has not been shown in Administration ->Setup ->Financials ->Define Account Segmentation . how can i get this in Administration tab


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As Sridharan mentioned you need to define your segments such as Natural Accounts , Region, Brand,units....

according to your Organizational structure


1. Go to Administration ® System Initialization u2192 Company Details.

2. Choose Basic Initialization tab ® Use Segmentation Accounts.

3. Choose Update to save the settings and OK to close the window.

4. Choose System Initialization ® General Settings.

5. Choose the Display tab and type in a separator character in Account Segment Separator.

For example, a minus (u2013). Do not enter asterisk (*) or numbers.

6. Choose Update to save and OK to close the General Settings window.

7. From Administration, choose Setup u2192 Define Account Segmentation.

By default, there are four segments in the system. You can add up to 10 segments and change Name, Size, and Type for each segment.

8. Double-click a line to classify the segment.

A similar window appears, letting you categorize each segment according to your company classification.

9. For each classification, you define Code, Name, and a Short Name.

Note that the Code field is limited by the value you specified in Size for this segment.

For example, classify the Department segment according to the number of departments in your company; each department will receive a two-digit code.


You can even refer the following documentation from SAP

Segmentation Accounts

in Release 6.2

If u unable to locate the same pls let me have u r email id i will share with u



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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Choose Administration -> System Initialization -> Company Details -> Basic Initialization tab

Check if 'Use Segmentation Accounts' check box is Ticked.

Now you can check, Administration ->Setup ->Financials ->Account Segmentation

To generate Chart of Accounts based on Segmentation, choose Financials -> Account Code Generator.

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Hi Sri,

tanks for the reply .

I do the same thing ,but when i am clicking on choose Financials -> Account Code Generator

then it give me a error message that Account Segments were not defined. what is the solution of this?


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Check if you have defined your Segments in

Administration ->Setup ->Financials ->Account Segmentation screen.