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Account assignment template FB50 Tree Display subfolders

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Hi All

We are using a lot of account assignment templates in FB50.
We select them in the Tree Display and that works for us.

Because we have several company codes we would like to add subfolders to the Account assignment templates folder in Tree display.
So we can arrange the account assignment templates we use per company code in seperate folders. For example

Folder => Account assignment template
Subfolder : Company code X
Account assignment template 1

Account assignment template 2

Account assignment template 3

Subfolder : Company code Y
Account assignment template 4

Account assignment template 5

Account assignment template 6

Is this someway possible to set up in SAP NBC 3.5
Thank you in advance.

Kind regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Tom,

I don't think system allow you to create sub-folder. For workaround, you can consider to use naming convention for the account assignment template ID such as CCCC-MM-RR

CCCC = company code

MM = Module like GL, AR, AP

RR = running number (01,02,03,....99)


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Hi KK Lam

This is what we are doing for now.
Just wanted to check if there was a way to create sub-folder.

I think we'll keep doing what we are doing.

Thanks for you time!
Regards Tom

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