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Account Assignment Ref

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Hi Friends,

I am facing serious problem regarding Account assignment reference for Loans in FSCM. By default REF_OTC is coming as a Account assignment reference for all the transactions.Because of that one all the transactions are posting to one Cost center only.

Eventhough I changed the AAR manually from REF_OTC to 909004 in the Tcode TPM3 it was not effected.

I didn't assign any AAR to any account symbols. If I assigned AAR to account symbols while posting the flows i am getting error message Assign the GL account to account symbol eventhough I assigned the GL account for Account symbol.

Please help me how I can post the Interest postings to different cost centers. I have to solve this issue very urgently.


Naga Tulasirao.

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Hi Naga,

if your question is 'how I can post the Interest postings to different cost centers?' my proposal is to use assignment of the relevant cost center based on the corresponding company code and account assignment references, Customizing path SPRO -> TRM -> Transaction Manager -> General Settings -> Accounting -> Link to Other Accounting Components -> Allocate Additional Account Assignments to Account Assigment References, e.g. if specific type of Loans in certain Company code are deriving AAR A, then Cost Center B will be posted to.

Hope this will help you.