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Account Assignment Category "2" Balance Sheet Item

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Hi all,

I have experienced users using Account Assignment K, 1, A, P, V, U & F.

But i have never experienced user using Account Assignment 2 !

Can someone please tell me the logic of using this account assignment? It is where we only need to enter a Balance Sheet GL Account (Without Cost Centre).

When the user told me this, i was like "Why didnt you use K - Cost Centre?"

She said, there is no need to enter Cost Centre, that is why she used 2 - Balance Sheet Item.

Is it correct that they use Account Assignment 2 ? And why?

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Go to transaction OME9 and find the properties of account assignement 2. Normally account assignment denotes where the value need to be posted when GR for that PO is done. For example in case of asset you can see in OME9 for account assignemnt will be A. You can have the following as consumption posting in account assignment

A Asset

V Consumption

E Accounting via sales order

U Unknown

P Accounting via project

Then field selection for few fiellds and GR properties and IR properties are defined in account assignment category.



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Hi guys,

Thanks for the quick reply. When i checked in OME9, it looks normal, with V Consumption.

Oh i didnt know that it is not standard.

Through your experience, is it correct to do it this way? Meaning create a PR with Account Assignment 2, and only inserting a Balance Sheet GL Account?

Normally it should be K, where you input an expense account + Cost centre...

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Any idea guys, if this Account Assignment used is OK in terms of Audit ?

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Dear nasrin

2 is not the standard one standard that comes with sap are

a,b,c,d,k etc

your config team might have created a new acct assignment category