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ABUMN_Depreciation using acquision value instead of net book value

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I have transferred one asset using ABUMN to change the asset class (same deprecation key). But after ABUMN, the depreciation of each period is calculated by acquisition value instead of net book value.


Old Asset:

Acquisiton Value:128,717,522.39


Acquisition Date: 2017.1.31

Depreciation for each period=128,717,522.39/12=10726460.20

Jan and Feb have run the deprecation so the net book value=128,717,522.39-2*10726460.20=107264601.99


Asset value date of ABUMN is 2017/03/01


New Asset:

Acquisiton Value:128,717,522.39

Accumulated Depreciation:21452920.4

Uselife:10 Month

Depreciation for each period should be 107264601.99/10=10726460.20 from Mar to Dec

But the system show from Mar-Oct

12,871,752.24 =128,717,522.39 (Acquisiton Value) / 10 (Remaining Useful Life)

For Nov: 4,290,584.08

I've also check depreciation key, multiple level is standard 001.

Base value is 24 (Net book value) and remaining life is selected.

Just do not understand why the system calculated in this way.

Is there any solution ? Any answer is appreciated.



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It seems the Asset value date in ABUMN is used as the asset cap date.

Did you use the net value transfer method in ABUMN?

I suppose there are 2 solutions to your problem:

1. Change the Asset value date in ABUMN or

2. Use the net value transfer method

Best regards