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Absence quota

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Hi All,

The issue is as follows. We are migrating a very old system using IT2005 into IT2006 for absence quotas. The problem i´m facing in the design is that, in the past, the company took over several smaller companies and the employees beloinging all those small companies still keep their former rights.

That means i can not assign the quotas only based on ESG ,ESGP,PSGP.

This rights depends also on the seniority and origin.

In Example.

Employees with 7 years seniorit and coming fro companie XXXX --> 22 days vacations.

Employees with 3 years seniority and coming from YYYY --> 23 days.

and so on.

there are many of this exceptions out of the collective agreement for the regular employees.

My question is, what whould be the best design to handle al this particuar cases?¿how can i ask for this seniority and origin company?

In PA, the design ins being made according to standard EE clasiffication (white/blue collar, exp, retiree..)so we should keep that information ( seniority and origin ) in any other place to customize and take into account when assignning the quotas.

I´m thinkiing about using it0041 to keep the entry date , so i could calculate seniority form t559L but regarding origin ( company the EE comes from ) i´m not sure what would be the best choice.

Any coment will be much appreciated.

with KR


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Answers (2)

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Have you though about using the Contract field on IT0001. You can use that to identify the origin of the employee. Use the Contract field, use the date from IT0041 to determine the seniority and then create the appropriate Time-type in Time Evaluation and then assign Quota to that person...

It is not as complicated as you think...

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It looks like a good idea as well, thanks!.

with KR


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This is correct and you can use HDATE. Read the note 923058

If this does not lead to the desired results you can also use the

enhancement HRPTIM03, especially user-exit Exit EXIT_SAPLHRLV_006.

Function Quota first determines seniority using IT 0000/0001.

Then it uses feature HDATE to perhaps read an entry of IT 0041 and

corrects the calculated seniority. The date type determined in

HDATE. The 01 in the system means to use the date from infotype 0000

I believe this needs to be XX (according with your naming convention).

You will also have to create an entry in table T548Y for XX if you

haven't done so.

See the decumentation of the corresponding field for further

information. If you want to calculate the senority against a date type

XX from IT0041,then you have to adapt the feature HDATE to the proper

date-type (e.g. 44), then this date-type 44 is considered as the


To go into the calculation a little deeper. What happens when

you use the option date type in the section "Key date for

determining seniority" is: the system calculates the difference

between the hire date and the key date of table T559L, if you

use the case date type: day and month are taken from date type,

and the year is the actual processed one.

So if I use day type Z1 which has a date of 4/6/98 as my HDATE

and as my key date, then the calculation would be Hire date 4/6/98

minus key date month and year 4/6 with year 2000. This only

allows you to change the date and month that the seniority

starts. As in my example above, to change the calendar year

from a January to December to the June to May calendar year.

In addition, there is a bug that can be fixed with note 364089.

Please also note that in order for the system to fix on the

date of 05/01/xxxx, please try setting up field "for EXACT DAY"

under the section key date for determining seniority in T559L.

The hire date will come from infotype 01 unless you set up feature

HDATE to use a date from infotype 41. To determine seniority two dates

are needed. The hire date and the key date are needed for determining

seniority. The hire date comes from infotype 0001 (unless you use

HDATE to change what you are using for hire date) and the date to

compute the seniority (which comes from T559L). The usage of the

date-selection in the block 'Key date for determining

seniority' (V_T559L-SENDT) is only to identify with which date the

seniority will be calculated against the hire date. Now, if you

choose the field 'Date type' and a date type in the block 'Key date

for determining seniority', then the system compares on the day set

for the date type against the hire-date from feature HDATE.

The system takes the difference between the date from HDATE

and Key date for determining seniority in T559L an uses it

as seniority. This is why you can't just use Key date for

determining seniority only.

To figure out much vacation a specific employee gets the system needs

to know their hire date (from IT0001 or IT0041 based on your

configuration), how to compute the vacation (from table T559L) and

what date which you are using in your computation.

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Thanks a lot. Any idea regarding the other aspect i shoud take into account, the former company the EE is coming from? I know it is just an historical data but it influence in the right the employee currently has. If i dont find any way we should create a new field in an Infotype or do it manually the first time, but for automatic calcualtion i need that information somewhere.

what would be the most suitable Infotype where we can keep / store that iformation for the DTO?

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The date should be kept only in 0041 where we maintain previous experience of the employee and use it then for computing seniority as explained above

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yes, I understood the proposal regarding the date. but i need to take into account some more iformation when assigning the rights. It is not a date but the name of the former company the EE was working in the past and from he´s keeping his current rights.

In example.

The current company es AAAAAA anda according to the current collective agreement the rights are 22 days.

but they hired an employee coming from XXXX, he still keep his former rights, 24 days. So i need to check out the name of the company he was working for to grant 24 days instead of 22. I need to store this XXXX( name of the former company ) somewhere and ask in the quota generation so i can grant hte proper right.

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you can use 0023 infotype ie previos employer and in the badi check this infotype field

Check It0022

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Thanks a lot,

how can i query IT0023? it is not possible to query it from a PCR. I was thinking about grant the base entitlement through a PCR the first of every year, query it0041 and 0023 but it is not possible to query that infotype from PCR.

You stated is posible through a badi. how is that? You mean the calculation process (V_T525P)in the base entitlement tag in t559L? is it possible to combine it with it0041 or should i include all the logic in the FM?

With kR


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yes it can be either a PCR or a FM ie above Exit which i shared already

or verify here

Note 897623 User Exits in PT

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Hi ,

It is not possible to query it0023 from a PCR so if i want to take the former employer as a reference i think the only option left is using a FM.

I dont know how to combine both features,seniority from t559l and the query to IT003. It is spain payroll so maybe i can use IT0091 as well.

Another idea i´m having is set this 'exceptions' manually thte first year in the DTO and later on check what was the first entitlement and grant it again.

Thanks for your time.

With KR


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as i said we need to built this check in EXIT as explained in my first reply, it should be easy to check for extra conditions fo seniority. Please verify

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Dear Siddharth,

i maintained feature HDATE with a date type E0 (insurance number start date), which is used to calculate seniority for annual leave,

but actually i have a Hajj leave that is eligible for employees who spent 5 years in the company (5 years from hiring date) !! and now, the Hajj leave also takes the same E0 date as a base for seniority which is wrong !!

although in the selection rule, i chose the date for Hajj as Tech. date of entry !!

can i have 2 different date types as base for seniority ?


Best Regards.