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about pricing procedure

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1.what is pricing procedure?

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The pricing procedure is allocated to the sales document type ie DPP Document pricing procedue.+ CPP Customer pricing procedure+ sales area ie to the combination of sales organisation, distribution channel and division. in other words it is determined from the customer master record, sales document and sales area.

This uses condition technique:

the menu path is img>sales&distribution>basicfunction>pricing>pricing control>define and assign pricing procedure determination.

here you select the fields from the fields catalogue to maintain condition records for the combinations of the selected fields. and assign it the access sequence and it will have many access pointing to diffent tables and put the access sequence in the condition type and put this condition type in the pricing procedure and then assign this pricing procedure to the sales area.

Then maintain the condition records in vk11. and when you raise a sales order to see the result of the condition technique in pricing, select the line item and select pricing. you can view all the details.

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to determine the approperiate price for the customer while creating an order ,

system first checks for the pricing procedure (to determine the approperiate price). chks conditions, the condition records and finally gets the right price

for the customer.


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A procedure which involves various pricing components like prices, discounts, freight, taxes etc is collectively named pricing procedure.


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The pricing procedure defines the conditions permitted for a document and the sequence in which the system takes these conditions into account during pricing.

A standard pricing procedure is defined in the standard SAP system. It contains conditions most commonly used. These include material prices, discounts, and surcharges, such as freight, or tax.

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Pricing: Price is defined as calculation of costs (For internal purpose) and Calculation of revenues (For external purposes). To map the pricing procedure in our SAP system we use a tool called Condition Technique.



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In the pricing procedure you specify the condition types which are to be used in pricing. At the same time, you define the sequence in which the condition types are to be brought into play.

Which pricing procedure is valid for a business transaction depends on the following criteria:


sales document type

sales area

You create PP in spro > Sales and Distribution > Basic Functions > Pricing > Pricing Control > Define and Assign Pricing Procedures > Maintain Pricing Procedures

You can't attach PP to specific plant. Pricing Procedure is determined thru trx OVKK. The defining parameters for pricing procedure determination are:

1. SalesOrg

2. Distribution Channel

3. Division

4. Document Procedure (defined in Sales doc\Billing doc maintenance)

5. Pricing procedure assigned to customer (defined in customer master)

Reg pricing procedure.

1. Use transaction code v/07 to create a access sequence and assign tables based on which you want to carry on

pricing as accesses.

2. Use transaction code v/06 to define condition type. It can be for base price, discount, freight etc.,

(Do assign relevant access sequence)

3. Use transaction code v/08 to define pricing procedure.

4. Assign this to your relevant sales area+ dpp+cupp.

While specifying requirement, we can give reqt no.22 which specifies that plant has to be set. This is generally done for output taxes since output taxes depend upon the delivering plant. But directly there is no assignment between plant and pricing procedure.

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