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about cost collector--urgent

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HI every experts

we use cost collector ,when we create cost collector with "kkf6n", we can create cost collector ,and when release production order ,the "pcc" will display .so ,the production order can link to cost collector.

but when we create a cost collector which there is co-product ,

e.g put in A ,and product B and C ,we create B's cost collector .B and C is co-product. when we release order of B .it can not linke to cost collector.

Because the production order can not link to cost collector ,we can not setller the material with "kk87"

Can any one tell me why??

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Hope the following text helps you. Its about Process order and product cost collector but it also holds good in case of Production orders.

__Process Order Linked to Product Cost Collector__

If you want to collect costs by product rather than by production order, you can specify in Customizing that you want to collect the costs on a product cost collector rather than on the process order. In this case you use the functions of Product Cost by Period. The process order is not a cost object in this case.

You define this in Customizing for Product Cost by Period under Product Cost Collectors  Define Default Values for Order Types or in Customizing for Product Cost by Order under Manufacturing Orders  Define Default Values for Order Types (PP and CO).

If you have specified in the order type that you want to collect the costs on a product cost collector, the system creates a link to the product cost collector when you create a process order for the corresponding characteristic combination (such as material / plant / production version). The process order receives the status PCC (product cost collector). This status prevents costs from being assigned to the process order. The production process number is shown in the process order. You can maintain the following fields in the product cost collector:

u2022 Costing variant actual

u2022 Variance key

u2022 Results analysis key

u2022 Profit center

u2022 Business area

u2022 Costing sheet

u2022 Overhead key

In the process order, these fields are not ready for input. The valuation variant specified in the Costing variant actual of the product cost collector is used to valuate the data confirmed for the process order. The Costing variant planned is not transferred from the product cost collector but is defaulted from the order type of the process order. This costing variant creates a temporary preliminary order cost estimate which cannot be saved.

No settlement rule is generated for a process order that is linked to a product cost collector.

The link between the process order and the production process of the product cost collector can only be changed as long as no functions that result in costs have been performed for the process order. If no such functions have been performed, then for example if the production version or the BOM and routing are changed, the process order can be assigned to a different product cost collector. If costs have been incurred, the original assignment is retained even if the production version or the BOM and routing are changed.

You can view the product cost collector from within the process order.

If no product cost collector has been created to which the production order can be linked, the system issues a message.

Process orders that specify a product cost collector are ignored when process orders are processed in the period-end closing activities of Cost Object Controlling.



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Anyone who know this issue? Looking forward your kind reply.


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any one can help me on this problem?many thanks