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Dear All,

I am getting error during Tcode ABNAN,

"Fiscal year 2011 is incorrect for post-capitalization of asset RI01 3002189-0, Message no. AAPO012"

Giving details for your Reference.

Created Asset Code with AS01 wirh Post Capitalisation option.

Now i want to POst capitalise my Asset.

I have given input in ABNAN as

Document Date and Posting date as "Today's Date" (i.e 03.02.2012) and Orig. Value date as "01,04,2008".

Also checked in Tcode OAAQ, Here Close Fiscal Year is 2009. i.e FY 2010 and 2011 is open.

Also In OB52 , current FI Period 10/2011 and 11/2011 is open for my Variant.

I got some detail in SDN messages tahe, "The posting with transaction ABNAN is only allowed into the year after the last closed FY"

Now My FI Period for FY 2010 is closed , so i cannot post in FY 2010 .

I have FY 2011 is open. so how to Post this Transaction as it's giving above error.

Also checked in Other SDN messages but could not get clear solution.

Pl suggest me some solution to solve my problem.


Swati Shah

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Answers (4)

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hi swati

there are 2 things you can do:

OPTION1. go to AJAB and close 2010 year and try to post capitalization for 2011.

OPTION2. do capitalization with normal JV

pass entry as

asset 70 with t type 100

offsetting acc 50

this offseting acc would be same account mentioned in ABNAN



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Refer below and correct your inputs.

[Posting the Post-Capitalization|]

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You can see this in transaction OAAQ - Entire Company Code

You can open the fiscal year with: AJRW - Fiscal Year Change



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Dear Swati Shah

Please check, were you close year end asset accounting for last year 2010. if not please close via AJAB. give all fields check in test run. then deselect test run and Execute.



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I have checked in OAAQ. Here Year 2009 is closed. So Asset Accounting for Year 2010 is open.

Do you mean without closong , it is not possible to give posting date in Tcode ABNAN of Current year. i.e For FY 2011-12.