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2 Sales order types to post to 2 value fields

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Previously, 2 sales order types ZSA4-samples med. & ZSA5-samples adv. posts to one value field which is VV310 Local mktg mgt. Business users now requires these sales order types to post to 2 new separate value fields.

So, in Controlling I assigned condition types Z231 VAT Expense & Z232 VAT Exp/Sample FOC to value fields VV230 & VV201 respectively.

The SD consultant then changed the ZTHV07 pricing procedure to include these 2 condition types by creating 2 new steps and assigning them to routines 914 & 915. I am not sure if I should change these routines.

ZSA5 sales order type is posting correctly to value field VV201 but ZSA4 is also posting to VV201. It should post to VV230.

Thanks to advise if there's any setting whether in SD or CO I should change.


The following are the other configurations inside the system:

ZSA4 & ZSA5 sales order types are assigned to D (Sample) document pricing procedure.

Pricing procedure ZTHV07 is assigned to document pricing procedure D.

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Answers (3)

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Resolution is on SD side. It seems that the new condition type Z231 is not being copied from sales order to the billing document. And they changed the SD routines to assign the condition types to each sales order types.

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Let us understand more on your requirement.

For doc.type ZSA4, you want to have only condition type Z231. And for doc type ZSA5, you want to have only condition type Z232. Therefore, each document type will post to COPA to correct value field.

Well, then if that's the case, I would say your requirement number 914, 915 doesn't work (it's definitely on SD side). They are developed based on your requirements so I cannot comment since it is not standard routine.

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Check with your SD consultant -why system is not picking using fuction "Analysis" for pricing-

It seems you may not maintained condition record in VK11 or may conditions for routinue is not fulfilled.

How to check: Transaction VA02- Item data-Conditions- Analysis