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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Growing companies often face the same challenges as their larger competitors, but often lack the resources and skilled talents to respond to and leverage the data now available to help drive the company. 

AI, and Generative AI are seen as ways to help address this skills gap, and help elevate productivity and decision making, as they can recognize patterns in data previously impossible to detect by humans.   This will be one of the major topics discussed in an upcoming webinar titled - How AI and Generative AI Boosts Cloud ERP and Accelerates Your Business

Generative AI is a game changer

If we look at business challenges holistically, every business is looking to better manage its revenue, cost, and risk. Increasingly, they rely on technology as an enabler to increase business process efficiency.

Embedding AI into the end-to-end business processes will be a game changer to leverage the unparalleled amount of data we have available within a modern ERP or business systems. The challenge is to put this data into the business context of a specific job function or end user, to help automate mundane, repetitive jobs, and empower the worker of tomorrow with the right information and projections to make informed and timely decisions and focus on more value-added tasks.

Take, for example, Smart Press Shop GmbH & Co. KG, an automotive parts manufacturing company from Germany. Smart Press leverages AI capabilities to check each part for defects and ensure high-quality products. By using an AI solution embedded in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition, they can create an inspection algorithm model to ensure product quality, bringing accuracy, efficiency, and high value not only for them but also for their customers. It's a game-changer in automotive production, delivering high-quality parts at scale!

It is all about doing things that you did before differently, and doing different things that you didn’t even know how to do before!

AI strategies can be broken down into simple categories:

  • Improve efficiency to do the things you do today in a more accelerated fashion.
  • Improve the user experience to be more intuitive and provide relevant contextual information.
  • Deliver new processes and innovation previously not had in an organization.

Generative AI is not unlike technological advances that came before – those who leverage the technology will be poised for success, and new, more value added, jobs will be created.  It’s the resource that midsized companies could never afford or prioritize. It will accelerate the data orchestration and analysis process significantly providing the ability for end users to leverage generated reports, statistics, and other information to discuss what it means and what to do about it with business executives. Generative AI will provide a solid foundation for doing predictive and prescriptive analytics to take a more forward-looking view on how the business is developing.

To learn more click here to join Richa Panda from SAP and Anders Liu-Lindberg, the co-founder of the Business Partnering Institute on February 21st to discuss “How AI and Generative AI boost Cloud ERP and accelerate your business”.