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In this blog post I’d like to outline the new features in Central Procurement for SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2208.

You can click here for a recap on 2202 release highlights.

These are the features that are covered:

Enhanced and New Features:

New Business Add-Ins

  • Customize Text for Changed Fields (MMPUR_PDOC_CHANGE_TEXT)

With this BAdI, you can customize the notification text for changed fields for centrally managed purchase orders. This will over-write the default text.

  • Definition of Criteria for Editability of Central Contracts in SAP S/4HANA System, created from External Systems (MM_PUR_S4_CCTR_EXT_EDITABILITY)

With this BAdI, you can define criteria for the editability of central contracts created from SAP Ariba in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Once you implement this BAdI, the purchase contract in SAP S/4HANA Cloud gets decoupled from the contract in SAP Ariba.

You can access this BAdI and the BAdI documentation in the Custom Logic app.

Item Hierarchy

As a central purchaser, you can now create and manage central contract items as a hierarchical list using the Manage Central Purchase Contracts application.  For example, if you are purchasing materials and services for different departments of a company, you can use item hierarchies to group the items by department.

Note: In the standard system, the item hierarchy function is switched off by default. The configuration expert can activate the item hierarchy function for central procurement using the configuration step Activate Item Hierarchies in Central Procurement present under Sourcing and Procurement > General Settings > Item Hierarchy. Note that once the item hierarchy function is switched on, it cannot be turned off.

For more details on item hierarchy, please see Item Hierarchy in Central Purchase Contracts.

Editability of Distributed Purchase Outline Agreements in Connected Systems

With this new feature, you can:

  • Edit specific fields at the header and item levels of distributed purchase outline agreements (purchase contracts and purchase scheduling agreements) in their connected systems. This feature allows you to directly edit the distributed documents within their connected systems instead of editing and redistributing the central purchase contract or central purchase contract hierarchy from the hub system.

Schedule Replication of Config Data to Connected Systems

With this new app, you can:

  • Schedule application jobs to replicate configured data from your configuration environment to respective  connected systems.

You can use this application in the following scenarios:

    • Replicate data that is configured using the activity Maintain Fields for Editability of Purchase Outline Agreements under Central Procurement – Settings in Hub System in your configuration environment into connected systems. This will replicate the outline agreement fields that have been made editable in the specified connected systems.

    • Replicate data that is configured using the activity Maintain Conditions to Restart Workflows for Centrally Managed POs under Central Procurement – Settings in Hub System in your configuration environment into connected systems. This will replicate the type of purchase document configured to re-trigger the workflow for centrally managed purchase orders.

Manage Central Supplier Confirmations

With this new app, you can:

  • Create central supplier confirmations, using either Quick Create or Create.

  • Edit, delete, or withdraw central supplier confirmations.

  • View confirmation data like reference purchase order, connected system ID, created by, purchase order date, and supplier contact data. At confirmation item level, you can also view the confirmation lines and schedule lines.

  • Search for central supplier confirmations, using filters like editing status, purchasing document, supplier reference, processing status, created by, supplier, and more.

Manage Workflows for Central Supplier Confirmations

With this new app, you can:

  • Configure workflows to approve or reject central supplier confirmations. The app provides several options to define preconditions for the release of central supplier confirmations. It also provides options to determine the approvers of their release. The approval process can either be automatic or a one-step or multi-step process. If a workflow with one or more steps is activated and the configured start conditions are fulfilled, the approval process is initiated.

Enhancements in Process Purchase Requisitions Centrally

With this app, you can now:

  • Create central request for quotations from purchase requisitions that are in different statuses: Active, In-Release, In-External Approval, Release Completed.

Enhancements in Manage Purchase Orders Centrally

With this app, you can now:

  • View supplier confirmation details for centrally managed purchase orders. At the item level, under the Supplier Confirmation section, you can view the supplier confirmation details like the confirmation category, delivery date and time, and quantity.

    For central supplier confirmations, only the confirmation category Order Acknowledgement is supported.

Enhancements in Manage Central Purchase Contracts

With this app, you can now:

  • Reset an ongoing simulation by clicking Reset on the Simulation Results popup.

  • Edit the canceled central contracts that are either withdrawn or rejected.

  • Create, update, or delete partners and their associated partner functions, such as ordering address, freight supplier, supplier, invoicing party, and goods supplier, in header distribution and item distribution in a central contract.

  • Select a company code from the value help of the Company Code field, independent of the specified central purchasing organization.

Enhancements in Mass Changes to Central Purchase Contracts

With this app, you can now:

  • Access the field Supplier Name in the Microsoft Excel file downloaded using the offline mode.

  • Perform offline update of notes for multiple central purchase contracts using Microsoft Excel.

  • The option Job Log is now renamed to Monitor Mass ChangesEarlier clicking on this option would take you to all the job logsnow clicking on this option will take you to the app Monitor Mass Changes for Central Purchase Contracts.

Deprecation of Apps

With the release SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2208, the following apps have been marked as deprecated and will be made obsolete from the release SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2302:

  • Monitor Supplier Invoices Centrally

  • Schedule Import of Supplier Invoice Documents


Hope you found this blog post insightful!

Share your feedback and thoughts in the comments section and in case of further questions, please post them on the Central Procurement community page using the link below:

    Central Procurement Community Page – Ask a question

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