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When selling products to customer, such as beer, drink or snack, normally will be sold as dozen or pack. For some special case, will be sold by weight, such as ton.

As a pricing manager, you can use Manage Prices - Sales app to create new price condition records with above unit of measure and maintain the conversion rate between current unit of measure and default unit of measure.


Step 1: Logon and Open App

Logon with Pricing Specialist, on home page, click Manage Prices - Sales tile.


Step 2: Create New Price for Dozen

Click Create button on homepage, on the new condition record line, set Condition Type (E.g. PPR0), Condition Table (E.g. 304) and Material (E.g. TG13), the Pricing Unit will be determined automatically (E.g. PC - Piece).

Update Pricing Unit from PC to DZ (Dozen), two column Numerator and Denominator will be enabled as editable with default value 1.

Update Numerator to 12, and keep Denominator as 1.

The calculation formula is:

Pricing Unit = (Numerator / Denominator) * Base Unit of Measure, so in above case it means:

1 DZ = (12 / 1) * 1 PC, 1 DZ equals 12 PC and the price for 1 dozen is 1200.00 (EUR).

Note: If you set Numerator as 1 and set Denominator as 12, the calculation formula is:

1 DZ = (1 / 12) * 1 PC

Click Save button and save the price condition record.


Step 3: Apply New Price In Sale Order

Create new sales order with Material (E.g. TG13) and with 3 PC

Click Item Conditions button, the price amount is 1200.00 per 1 dozen, condition value for 3 PC is calculated as: (3 / 12) * 1200.00 = 300.00 (EUR)


In this blog post, we introduce the unit of measure conversion function of  “Manage Prices – Sales” app to you, you can try to sell the products to customer with different unit of measure after create new price condition records.