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Time Valuation is a process in Time and Labor Management that enables your company to determine derived time valuation result data from all employee time data that is recorded in the system, such as planned working time, actual working time, and overtime. The process, which runs automatically, evaluates all recorded times, all changes to an employee's time profile, determines existing time accounts and their balances, and optionally transfers the valuation results to downstream processes in target applications.

You can access the time valuation functions in the Time Administration work center in the Regular Tasks view.

Time valuation is triggered automatically whenever employee times are created or changed or when master data in the time profile, for example, a work schedule, time account rules or basic data is changed. Time valuation checks recorded time data and determines results that are required for time account quota considerations, for further processing of the data in target applications, and for reporting purposes.

But there are some cases where the valuation is not triggered automatically and Correction run is required. For example

  1. Business Configuration
    1. Changes to Time Accounts
    2. Time recording Profile change
    3. Premium Pay rule changes
  2. Holiday calendar is changed or its assignment in the Org Unit is changed
  3. Time Model assigned to an employee is changed

Correction Run can be triggered for

  1. Multiple Employee via
    1. Administer Day Closure runs
    2. New Day Closure
  2. For single employee at a time via
    1. Start Day Closure for One Employee

Both the links can be accessed via Regular Tasks view in Time Administration Work Centre.

Possible Side Effects of the Correction Run

In case the valuated data is different from the previously valuated data the posted time recordings will be canceled and new data would be posted again. This posting will happen to all the follow-on processes like Projects, Financials, Goods and Service Acknowledgments or Payroll. And also financial period have to be open to allow postings.

Few of the possible reasons for the same can be

  1. Labor resource for the previously posted records have changed
  2. Valuated quantity is changed because of the Work schedule changed or Holiday calendar

Possible Side Effects of not doing the Correction Run

In case the correction run is not done , there might be possible side effects in the system

  1. Correct Holidays or Planned working time is not reflected
  2. Dumps while releasing or approving time sheet or editing time profile
  3. Wrong time account balances, Accruals or Period end processing results are displayed

Multiple Employees: New Day Closure

Below is the snapshot of the New Day Closure Run which is relevant for the correction run

Relevant fields for the correction run are

  1. Correction Indicator which should be marked to true
  2. Correction Start Date: Date from which the valuation need to be started again, normally dates from when the changes are applicable.

Run Day closure for an employee

As highlighted in the screen, correction run can be done for an employee by selecting the option ‘Start Time Valuation ‘ and providing  the date for the same.

Further details can also be searched in Business ByDesign help center.