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Millions of families spend time around the dinner table discussing what their children learned in school that day. The expectation is not the same for adults. Why do we assume that learning stops once we leave the classroom?

Learning never stops.  We are born with an insatiable curiosity.  Workers in every level of an organization seek information every day — whether they are looking for a new restaurant on Yelp or a handyman recommendation on Facebook. In today’s fast-paced, global world, to stay ahead and successful every organization must be a “learning organization.” 

According to Bersin by Deloitte, organizations with a strong learning culture outperform their competition. They are 46% more likely to be first to market, enjoy 37% greater employee productivity, and are 58% more prepared to meet future demand. Most importantly, they’re 17% more likely to be the market share leader.

However, many organizations are struggling with critical development needs right now; training departments are getting crushed and learning can be costly.  Some organizations question the return on investment (ROI) for education initiatives. How can organizations ensure that they are meeting the increasing demand for learning in an effective way?

At SuccessFactors, we recently announced an expanded vision for SuccessFactors Learning—with the goal of making every employee a lifelong student and a teacher. In support of this vision, we have unveiled QuickGuides and Programs - new capabilities that improve learning collaboration and engagement, while reducing complexity and cost. 

Programs provide continuous learning over time.  They allow for learners to be enrolled in an almost unlimited set of scheduled learning objects, including Jam groups. There is a ton of flexibility because administrators and managers can create custom activities like “meet with your mentor this week”.  Programs are perfect for leadership development programs or onboarding programs that last 6-12 months.

In addition to Programs, we launched QuickGuidesQuickGuides enable anyone to create a job aid with their PC or iPhone.  A QuickGuide delivers a step-by-step “how to’ on any topic.  They are incredibly easy to create and share. 


As we look to the future of Learning, we remain focused on the challenges facing training and development organizations.  Content delivery is a perpetual pain point, but soon delivery will become open and integrated, available on any device, anywhere and at any time. Peer-to-peer training options will include in-person and online study groups and social networks. Content formatting and delivery options will be customizable by company choice, project-specific needs, and individual learning preferences.

To improve visibility and awareness, the learning discovery process will be much richer and all resources will be connected so that searches and social discovery can mine multiple sources with a single query. In many cases, there will be no need to search at all, as learning recommendations will be pushed to users based on recent activity, job description, corporate events, or other triggers.

Learning is truly the foundation of all other talent processes.  It is not just for “top down” compliance-related training.  We are committed to providing capabilities for learning professionals and employees to ensure that they continue to be lifelong learners and teachers. Learn about the SuccessFactors Learning Solution at http://bit.ly/SFLearning

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