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Service Quotation - Frequently asked questions

This blog helps you get insights into Service Quotation application, its features and also some useful info on troubleshooting.

About Service Quotation

Why do I need a Service Quotation?

Service quotations helps you to get a cost estimate for a requested service. Service quotations contain all information required to plan and execute. A service quotation supports the following item categories:

  • Service Product (Internal Labor)

  • Service Part (Externally Procured)

  • Service Expense

  • Service Bundle

  • Service Hierarchies

You can use the Manage Service Quotations app to process service quotations.

What are the different types of Service Quotation I can create?

Service quotation management supports two types of service quotations:

a. Standard Service Quotation: The price on the quotation is based on proposed quantity to be consumed at a given price. On acceptance the base price of the item is guaranteed but the bill amount will be dependent on the actual consumed quantity for the service.

b. Fixed Price Service Quotation: The price for the service on the quotation can be fixed irrespective of the proposed consumption.

Service Quotation in both cases act as a legal binding in terms of price and date offered.

Can I create a Service Order using Quotation?

If the service quotation is accepted by the customer, a follow-up service order is created automatically, and the price is copied from the service quotation to the service order. For a standard service quotation, standard service order is created. For a fixed price service quotation, fixed price service order is created.

Basic Functions

Can I change the items in Service Quotation once a quote is generated?

Yes. Items can be changed /modified once you receive/create the quotation. Once the changes are finalized the quote can be send to customer for acceptance. However, you cannot change the quote once it is Accepted/ Rejected.

How is the Pricing calculated for the Service Quotation?

Pricing for a service quotation is calculated based on the service request start date. The price is recalculated if the requested service start date is changed.

For service parts one needs to manually reprice the item to bring the new effective price based on info record.

Key Feature difference / Functional gap between Service Quote and Service Order

Below mentioned features are present in Service order but not in Service Quotation.

· Pick from stock

· External Service Procurement

· Service bundle Fixed price on T&M order

· Mixed bundle on T&M order

Although these gaps exists Quotation features will be brought in par with Service Order in upcoming releases.

Can I copy a Service Quotation to create a new quote?

Currently copy functionality is not supported in our application. Please use our Quick Create option to quickly create a quote.

Can I create a Service Quotation for Service Bundle?

Yes, we do support the creation of Service Bundle on Fixed Price quotation. Using the Quick Create you can create the main item and sub items for the service bundle item and create the quote. Service Bundle can also be added inside the quote using edit functionality.

Can I create a Service Quotation from an already created service order?

Currently this feature is not supported.

Can I partially accept the Service Quotation?

Yes. Once a service quotation is created and sent for review, customer can choose to accept the quote partially after rejecting the items which are not required. Customer service manager can reject such items and on accepting the quote only items not rejected are carried over to the order. Prices are adjusted accordingly.


I am not able to send the quote to customer. What is the Problem?

Please check if the Item details for the quote is added. If there are no items, you can edit the quote and add the required items. Quote cannot be sent to customer if there are errors on the Quote or Requested Start date is in the past.

I have accepted the quote but now I want to reject it. How can I do this?

You can reject a quote once it is accepted by rejecting the Follow up service order created from the quote.

I have sent the quote to customer. Where can I find the output / pdf generated?

Once the quote is sent, you can find the email or PDF version in output control. According to the setting maintained in the output control, the email template or Form template for the document is selected when the quote is sent to customer.

I am getting an error when I send quote to customer. What is the problem?

If there is an error in the document, the quote cannot be sent. Most likely there is a problem with the setup of the output channel settings. Please do the necessary changes in the output management to successfully send the quote.

For other errors please fix the issues as mentioned in the error message.

I created a custom filter and saved it as a variant. When I select this variant there are no results. Is my variant not saved?

Once you create a variant and save it, your preferences are saved. To search select the variant and then hit return key to get the results.

How do I configure the email option to send my quotation?

To enable Email option the output channel for email must be activated. (By default it is delivered active CE edition)

I do not like the default template for emails. Can I change it?

Yes. You can configure your own template for the email in the output management section. You can add a template of your preference for the emails and make it the default option. The future emails that are sent for quotations will adopt the template that is set.

How is Validity calculated for the Service Quotation I created?

Service Quotation Validity for Start and End dates are calculated as below

Start date = Date on which the quotation is shared with the customer.

End Date

Option 1: No End date specified (Default Behavior)

  • 21 Days from the current date if service start date is greater than 21 days

  • Else service start date is set as the End date.

Option 2: End Date is manually entered

  • Manually entered date has priority and system does not overwrite.

Do I have an option for maintaining a manual pricing for a Non-Stock service part?

If default configuration is used, then the pricing condition PCO4 is used.

Customer has the option to maintain the custom condition where this price can be entered.


I have added items in the quotation and the Status is set to ‘Sent to Customer’. Can I delete the items now?

Deletion of items will be allowed only for Items in open status, all other statuses only rejection of item is allowed

I am not able to delete the Partner for the quotation I created. How can it be done?

Partner function added cannot be deleted for an existing Service quotation. But the partner itself can be updated with empty values (Except mandatory partners )

I am trying to reject the quotation which is accepted and getting an error.

You cannot delete an accepted service quotation since there will be a follow up service order created. To reject the quotation, you should reject the service order.

There is no distinction between Fixed Price and Standard Quote output forms. Is this expected behavior?

Yes. Current we have a common template for all quotes. However customer can view the “service document type” property which gives information on the type of quote.

I am getting an error when I try to set requested start date in the past.

Requested start date cannot be set in the past. It must be set to current date or a date in the future

I am trying to change a quote that is already Accepted / Rejected but not able to change it.

Quotation / Quotation item cannot be changed once it is Accepted / Rejected.