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Welcome back to this blog series for SAP S/4HANA Cloud release highlights. In 2002, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and Portugal (with restriction) are newly enabled for Service.

Service Order processing in 2002 is enhanced by increasing business process coverage, which eliminates friction in process integration and avoids data loss resulting from broken process flows.

Enabling external workforce management in Service order

It is possible to include the time and expense used by external contractors in Service orders. This supports the use case, where Services are delivered by external contractors, not with internal technicians. And this will use the procurement process similar as we are using the process for purchasing spare parts. The difference would be the usage of Service Entry Sheet in procurement to record the time.

This feature allows posting of cost and revenue generated from the service order with external workforce.

Enabled to edit Profit center

In the release 2002, we introduce the feature to display and change the default profit centers to other ones by service managers. The profit center currently derives from Employee responsible on service orders. (this is the one, who creates (? Or release) the service order, so it could be a service manager or it could be also service coordinator. Customers could want the profit management per material)

This feature also supports the scenario in which the service planner performs services for another profit center than the one he or his team are assigned to.

Introducing ‘Service team’

It is possible to group service technicians into a team in 2002. With this feature, it would be beneficial for service managers to assign a team, which would be the best fit for the service. And then later within the process, a service coordinator can select an available technician in the chosen service team.

Another benefit is that team storage location can be maintained per service team level instead of the plant/storage location combination per technician if you use ‘pick from stock’ scenario.

You can take a look at the short demo below.


Service Contract Management introduces further enhancement like providing OData API, attachment feature, and more options for cancellation status

Enabling Attachment in Service Contracts

It is enabled to attach files and URL links to service contracts. Most attachment functions are supported for service contracts like upload, download, and display attachments.

New OData API for Service Contracts (read)/ enhancement on SOAP APIs

It is possible to integrate service contracts from S/4HANA Cloud with external applications like SAP Field Service Management (SAP FSM). You can now use the following additional fields and values in the Service Contract SOAP APIs: TransactionCurrency, CustomerPaymentTerms, erviceContractItemCategory, BillingPlanPriceDateRule


New cancellation status for Service Contracts

Four cancellation status are introduced to give more information about executed cancellation processes

  • Full Cancellation: All items in a Service Contract have been cancelled.

  • Partial Cancellation: Some items in the Service Contract have been canceled.

  • No Cancellation: The service contract doesn't contain any items that have been canceled.

  • Not Relevant: The service contract can't receive a cancellation status. It was created before the cancellation status function was available for service contracts.


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