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Service Confirmation Grouping Behavior in Manage Service Order Application

Manage Service Order is a harmonized application wherein the Service Order can be created and as a follow-up Service Confirmation can be created for a particular Service Order.

When we create a Service Order and navigate to the Object Page, the Service Order with items will be shown as:

For the above Service Order, we can create a Service Confirmation by clicking on "Create Confirmation". The Service Confirmation will be shown as:

Here we can see that the Service Confirmation number 9000001654 is grouped and items will be listed below it. If we create one more Service Confirmation again then another Service Confirmation is Grouped again.

When we click on "Edit" from Service Confirmation Object Page at item level then we can navigate to the Web UI as follows:

We can navigate to Web UI for editing the Service Confirmation by clicking on pencil icon or from the item object page with "Edit" button then we can edit the Service Confirmation. After clicking on "Save" or "Cancel" button in Web UI then it returns to the Service Confirmation Fiori application. The Service Confirmation will be shown as:

Here we can see that the Grouping won't be displayed anymore. It is removed. But along with the items, it's corresponding Service Confirmation is displayed. The additional column "Service Confirmation" will help to identify the Service Confirmation along with it's corresponding items. To bring back the Service Confirmation grouping, you can click on "Orders" tab and again click on "Confirmations" tab. The grouping will be displayed again.

We can a select a Service Order from the list report and navigate to the object page in 2 flexi column layout as shown below:

Now if we select another Service Order from the table then the Grouping of Service Confirmation may not be displayed. To overcome this issue of grouping being removed, we have added a new column "Service Confirmation" which shows the items and its corresponding Service Confirmation.

Note: This issue is addressed as of 2108CE through a Code fix. Customers wont be facing this issue from 2108CE onwards.