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Today we will take a look at some of the latest SAP S/4HANA Demos and give you a short insight into innovations that are coming with the latest versions. And of course there is much more – these are just my personal picks.

Hey and this is not glossy version - I think some of my colleagues might be smiling to hear themselves on their recorded demo not knowing this will be public - but come on, I think this is direct form the source - i like it.

Let’ start with the Material Requirements Planning Demo, where we are demonstrating how to solve the issue of broken or missing parts. We begin in the ‘Manage Stock’ app, where the warehouse clerk, can scrap material with only a few clicks. The system then immediately recognizes, that there is an open production order, and shows this directly on the Launchpad. Of course color-coding in the app makes it simple to see what is missing.

Then we move on to the ‘Manage Component’ app, where we have a graphical view, which gives us an in-app precise overview on the incoming and outgoing material, as well as material shortages. There are several options the system suggests to solve this issue based on intelligence build in like:  procure it, reschedule another already existing order, or increase an upcoming order - all directly from one screen. By completing one option, we have solved the matter in no time and my production can start on time.

Next example up is the Procurement Overview Page. Perfect examples how modern UX can look like – all you need on one page – fitting to your expert role. In this scenario a purchaser wants to inform himself about the most important topics and KPI´s. On the Procurement Overview Page I get all analytical and transactional information necessary. For example, if there are urgent purchase requisitions where no source of supply has been assigned. The purchaser is able to drill down to the performance of the suppliers of the material in question. He can easily assign a supplier to the order; by clicking directly on the ‘Urgent Purchase Requirement order’ he wants to work on.

In the Marketing Cloud Demo, we are looking at two scenarios. First we want to take a look at the ‘Contact Engagement’ app, to find the best-suited contacts for the project currently next in line. The system helps you distinguish between business contacts and others. By using the various filters for time, topics and communication channels, we can easily find the people that fit best to the project and take a look at them individually. Second we want to focus on an email campaign.  To create a target group for this campaign, we are working with a graphical segmentation, which you can see, and helps to define appropriate action. From there you can start the email campaign directly and even display the approach through a graphical display. All these tools help you in your projects and make your work more efficient – in real-time, live.

The next Demo will be interesting for all of you watching and thinking mobile first. As all the Fiori apps, this one is also accessible through mobile devices. Here you can see new pilot for the ‘Time Recording’ app.  Simple – when we tab on the Time Recording tile, you only need to add the duration and work description, which you even can do via voice. By just confirming the data, all information is captured and can be utilized for follow-up activities.

Last, but not least we want to showcase with this example about how easy it is to find a colleague and assign another person to his or her project. At the ‘Employee Self Service’ Launchpad, you can just enter a person’s name in the search field and find a brief overview. You can drill down easily and see all needed additional information.  In the second scenario, we showcase for a project manager how to leverage the ‘Plan Customer Projects’ app. The overview page gives him all relevant information regarding the project, including activities that need to be executed. The icons on the right side show in real time the staffing status of each activity. When we need to replace someone, we can just go into the edit mode – remove and staff again – via a simple overview about availability and qualification.

Now, these have been just some of the recent highlights – do you want more Information?

First check out the S/4 training and content hubs, as well as our very active S/4 community on SCN.  For demos, make sure you frequently check the S/4HANA channel on Youtube… and as always discover.sap.com/s4hana for more.

Looking forward to see you in Orlando! Follow us via @SAP and #S4HANA, or myself via @SDenecken