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Product and Topic Expert

In this article, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive and up-to-date resource on the latest developments and changes in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition frequently asked questions in Logistic area including (procurement, supply chain, manufacturing etc). We regularly update this article to ensure that you have access to the most current information. Our goal is to help you gain a better understanding of SAP products and make the most of their capabilities.

The features covered in this article are based on SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition 2402, please refer to the latest information for changes in subsequent versions.

1 Logistics – Procurement and sourcing, inventory management and other supply chain related

1.1 Material management

1.1.1 Material Master Data FAQs

Q: Can the material code be expanded from 18 digits to 40 digits?

A: No, you cannot

Q: Does the T-code MM50 to extended material view have corresponding functions on ERP Cloud?

A: Yes we can use migration template to mass change material。 Please refer to blog The Substitute of MM50 in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition

1.2 Operational Procurement

1.2.1 Frequently Asked Questions about Purchase Prices

Q: Purchase Order China Tax Included Purchase Price Solution

A: Please refer to the blog for a detailed explanation of the automatic calculation of the net price including tax

Q: Is it possible to hide the price of a purchase order through permission management?

A: This can be achieved with enhancement points. Refer to the blog How to configure the Purchase Order Line Item Net Price field to be read-only or hidden

Q: Is it possible for a purchase requisition to hide prices through permission management?

A: This can be achieved with enhancement points. Please refer to the blog How to Enhance the Implementation of Hidden Purchase Requisitions Valuation Prices, or Chan...

Q: The Monitor Purchase Order Item app does not have a total price field and there is no tax amount. It is desirable that the amount to be invoiced can also be calculated based on the actual quantity received.

A: It can be developed and implemented by the embedded SAC. Please refer to the Purchase Reconciliation Dashboard for Embedded SAC Customer Use Case Sharing in the blog

1.2.2 Frequently Asked Questions about Advance Payment for Purchase Orders (For more information, please refer to the blog)

Q: How do I control that the amount of the down payment cannot exceed the net value of the purchase order line item?

A: You can request an expert configuration by creating an SAP WCR customer event to configure the yellow warning as a red error to prevent overpayment. For more information, please refer to the blog S4HC Advance Payment Application Over Net Order.

1.2.3 Frequently Asked Questions about Purchase Order Output (For more information, please refer to the blog.))

Q: Can a custom field be added to the output management decision tree BRF?

A: Yes, you can bundle the customized field to BRF。 Refer to 2818157 - Custom field is not shown in output parameter determination

1.2.4 Frequently Asked Questions about Procurement Approval

Q: How do I enable email notifications for pending purchase orders?

A: Email notifications can be enabled by following the steps in this Help document.

For more related blogs, please refer to the Introduction to the Restart Purchase Order Flexible Workflow Feature and the Purchase Requisition Workflow Rework Feature Configuration Details

Q: When trying to select approver in the 'Manage flexible workflow' app, some users are not visible from the list.
A: In 'Manage workforce' app, create work agreement ID for this user.

1.3 Invoice Management

1.3.1 Invoice Management FAQs

Q: How do I prevent duplicate validation of purchase orders?

A: Please refer to S4HC 发票校验查重配置

Q: How to post the purchasing freight cost to material cost?

A: Unplanned freight cost can be posted via subsequent debit please refer to blog

1.4 Supplier Management

1.4.1 Supplier Management FAQs

Q: How do you manage supplier performance?

A: Please refer to S4HC Supplier Operational Evaluation Score Calculation Examples

1.5 Sourcing and contract management

1.5.1 Frequently Asked Questions about Procurement Information Records

Q: What CDS view is required for price analysis in the purchase information record? Several existing CDSs starting with A are not open.

A: Correlate I_PurgInfoRecdOrgPlntDataApi01 with I_PurgPrcgConditionRecord. For more details, please refer to the blog S4HC Procurement Information Record Tiered Price Report Development

Q: How do I modify purchase information records in bulk?

A: For details, please refer to Blog S/4HANA Cloud to Modify Purchasing Information Records in Bulk and Blog to Update Procurement Information Records in Batches

1.6 Inventory Management

1.6.1 Frequently Asked Questions on Movement of Goods

Q: How do I prevent a purchase order line item from being marked with a receipt of an entry that has been delivered?

A: The new Fiori APP can be achieved with enhancement points. For more details, refer to the blog Purchase Order Line Item Marked on Delivery Completed and Still Able to Receive It

Q: How can I use permission management to make the inventory manager not see the price information on the item voucher?

A: The standard function of permission management is achievable. For more information, please refer to the blog Inventory Management Role Configuration Value and Price are not visible

Q: Inventory receipt and receipt report to query the receipt and dispatch data of a fixed time period

A: The standard functions can be viewed through the 'Inventory Overview - Chinese Mainland Taiwan app. If there is a special definition logic, it can also be developed and implemented by the embedded SAC. Please refer to the blog Embedded Analytics Customer Use Case Sharing for Invoicing Reports.

Q: Inventory Aging Report in Greater China

A: Embedded SAC can help in this case. Please refer to嵌入式SAC客户用例分享之库龄分析。 3 System Landscape can also achieve this. Refer to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, ABAP Environment Case 7: Inventory Aging Report

1.6.2 Cross-Company Dumps FAQ (For more frequently asked questions, please refer to the blog.))

Q: What is the difference between advanced intercompany dumps and traditional intercompany dumps?

A: For more details, please refer to the blog Advanced Intercompany Dump (5HP).

Q: Can I create an STO by API in traditional intercompany dump 1P9?

A: No, you cannot. The CIP was rejected due to the product policy at the time, and the CIP could be reopened.

More传统公司间库存转储 (1P9) SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition高级公司间库存转储 (5HP) SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition


2 Production – Production planning, execution, engineering and R&D, quality management and other manufacturing related to manufacturing

2.1 Production master data management

2.1.1 BOM FAQs

Q: Batch export BOM

A: You can use API:https://api.sap.com/api/API_BILL_OF_MATERIAL_SRV_0002/resource  GET /ExplodeBOM; Help has more coding details

Q: Bulk update BOM

A: For 2 System Landscape,please refer to2024 what’s new。 3 System Landscape please refer to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, ABAP Environment Case 6: BOM Batch Extraction

Q: Mass updating Routing


2.2 Production Execution

2.2.1 Production Order FAQs

Q: How can I prevent the receipt of goods on the work order after the technical completion of the production order (work order)?

A: It can be solved by configuration, refer to the blog Production Process Management Optimization (1) How to realize that the material can no longer be iss.... If you have more customization needs, you can also write through enhancements when you receive the goods, refer to the blog.