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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP S/4HANA Cloud is powering the customer journey to the intelligent enterprise!

What makes a cloud ERP “intelligent”? In this blog, I’d like to share examples from product innovations coming SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1805 and beyond that help answer that question.

Together with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP is leveraging its latest, most modern technologies like SAP CoPilot, SAP Leonardo Machine Learning and the Predictive Analytics Integrator to help customers redesign and automate their ERP business processes. We have prepared a video with seven new use cases bringing massive automation in business processes, hope you will enjoy it.

Here is a summary of those seven examples.

Scenarios leveraging Conversational UX and SAP CoPilot, SAP’s digital assistant:

  • Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management: Project managers can now monitor their projects with the advantages of SAP CoPilot. A typical query that a project manager could use would be “Show me high risk projects with negative status trend”.

  • Sourcing and Procurement: Smart Buying with SAP CoPilot is going to change procurement forever. Leveraging the smart buying with SAP CoPilot capabilities, anyone can easily order materials using natural language processing.

  • Sales and Distribution: With the 1805 update, it is possible to create a subsequent sales order from a sales quotation using natural language.The sales rep can use a command like “Show me open sales quotations for customer XYZ” followed by “Create a sales order for the second one”. You will see additional scenario with SAP CoPilot in the next quarters, like for example a “360-degree” overview of a customer is planned for later this year.

Use cases embracing Machine Learning with SAP Leonardo:

  • A key use case in Finance is the Goods Receipt / Invoice Receipt account reconciliation process. This is an exception handling process for all purchase order items, with differences between goods receipts, and invoice receipts. GR/IR Account Reconciliation with SAP Leonardo provides a ML service to learn from decisions taken in the past, and to apply that knowledge to the new business situation.

  • Let’s now move to Sourcing and Procurement with a use case that reduces free-text items using SAP Leonardo Machine Learning. Learning from the many similar free-text items in purchase requisitions, the Machine Learning service will automatically propose to create a new catalog item for this material.

Processes utilizing SAP Predictive Analytics Integrator:

  • In Manufacturing, SAP is building on last quarter’s innovation for Stock in Transit, that we are taking to the next level with 1805, enhancing the app with the Predictive Analytics Integrator again. After the possible delay is calculated, the app determines a proposal for the delivery date of the stock transport order.

  • In Procurement, it is very often about operational excellence. We have one use case coming with 1805 leveraging the Predictive Analytics Integrator as well, helping to solve the invoice payment block.

Don't miss the full collection of innovations per product update is this blog.

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