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This Blog explains the steps which needs to be followed to configure in SAP S/4HANA Cloud to meet customer requirements for inserting or updating Country/Regions attributes.


Your user must have authorization to access and modify the content of SSCUI view and it would be good if you have hands-on on configuring the solution via SSCUI.

Required Authorizations

The below business catalog must be assigned to your configuration user.

Business Catalog Business Catalog ID
Business Services Address Management – Configuration SAP_CA_BC_IC_LND_ADDR1_PC

Business Need

Before we go into the details of the configuration itself, let’s understand the business need of this configuration.

The Country is a mandatory part of the Address data maintenance for an application object as without country it is not possible to maintain address for a business object.

Sometimes it is needed to introduce new country in the system (SAP delivery takes some time) or to change attribute of the existing country, which was not possible till now in SAP S/4HANA Cloud  and Customers has to wait for the standard delivery of such legal changes.

Login for configuration

Log in as a Configuration user in your quality (Q) system. From the Implementation Cockpit tab, open the app Manage Your Solution.

Verify whether the local country version is set on the country you wish to configure. If not, you should choose the respective country by clicking on the button Set Local Version, located in the right bottom corner of your screen. For my example i am taking DE as local version. However local version doesn’t impact on the country which you are configuring.

Click on app Configure Your Solution.

Configuration Steps

Once you are in Configure your solution app apply filter on (Application AreaApplication Platform and Infrastructure, (Sub Application AreaGeneral Settings, (Item NameBasic Settings.

  • Go to “Step 3(screenshots below) – Define Countries/Regions” (ID 104076) and click on Configure button.

    • If you want to create new Country information, click on “New Entry” button and provide the details.

    • If you wish to change attributes of existing country then choose the country and double click on that, it will open the screen in edit mode.

    • Once you are done with changes save the changes.

    • Next time when you create a new business object newly added country will appear in the selection list or the changed attributes will take part in business processes.

Configure your solution

Choose existing Country or New entry

Insert new Country details/Change Country attribute

I will try to explain few sections of the above screen.

  • General Data: General data usually contains the foreign trade characteristics of a country.  Under general data section of the define countries/regions SSCUI you can maintain the Country full name, nationality used by the citizens of that country.

  • You can also maintain the currency, language and vehicle key used in that country. Vehicle country are generally a three character country key which is used to print on the vehicle registration plate

  • Properties: Under properties section you can define whether country is European Union member or not which then can be used in different business processes. You can assign the pricing procedure and ISO code to the countries.

  • Address Format: Under this section you can assign different layout key to different keys. These layout keys then will be used to format the address data during document output printing like sales document, shipping document etc.



As we have seen that customer can now configure the the new Countries and it's attributes in their SAP S/4HANA Cloud system and they no need to wait for standard delivery for their business processes.

This SCCUI only allow to insert new Entry or change attributes of existing countries, but deletion of any entry is not allowed through this SSCUI.

Thank you for reading this blog post. Please send your feedback or comments below. Follow up on my profile to get news about new blogs.


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