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Product and Topic Expert


A Business User is a new identity model at SAP S/4HANA which connects a User (SU01) with a Business Partner. At this blog I would like to explain with some examples and pictures how address data looks like at Business Users.

01-Business User.png










Details at Business User topic you can find at Simplification Item

2570961 - Simplification item S4TWL - Business User Management


How to create a Business User

02- Business User Creation.png


With HCM Integration

Active HCM Integration takes care of Business User creation/update based on user assignment with Infotype 0105 at HCM Minimaster. This is the recommended approach with full integration into User, Business Partner, Customer and Vendor.

Information how to create a Business User you can have a look at Blog Post

How to create Business Users in SAP S/4HANA


Without HCM Integration

Fiori App Maintain Employees (F2288A)

With this app, you can create employees and modify employee information.

You can use this app to:

  • Create employees directly in the app or with CSV file import
  • Edit employee information
  • Retrieve the change log to view modified employee data
  • Select employees for archiving
  • Export employee data

In addition, the app supports the following technical features and options:

You can select and assign existing SU01 users to complete newly created employees.

Depending on the customizing settings, you can use the Check Emails function to verify if the email addresses of all business users are correctly maintained



You can maintain business users in SAP S/4HANA with this report, based on CSV import.

The report creates and updates business partners of the type person belonging to the following business partner role categories:

  • BUP003 - Employee
  • BBP005 - Service Performer / External Resource
  • BUP012 - Collaboration User
  • WFM001 - Resource (obsolete and replaced by BBP005)


Business User Address Data Model

With this new identity model a change at address management took place. Reason for that is the introduction of Business Partner object and the relationship to user. In short …

A user which is converted into a Business User has lost it's own address segment and got a reference to Business Partner address. This change results in a quite complex address management model. With this blog post I would try to bring some light into this topic.

Below picture shows full set of objects and tables which are affected.

03-Business User Address.png


Data Objects

As you can see, there two main master data objects involved.

  1. Business Partner
  2. User


Master Data Tables

Business Partner

BUT000 - Main General Business Partner

Employee Business Partner is created as type Person. With that Business Partner type a Person Number is stored at table BUT000. This number is used for Person Address assignment at Person specific tables.

BUT021_FS - Business Partner Addresses for Time-Dependent Address Usages

This is the central Business Partner address linkage table to BAS (Business Address Service).



USR21 - User Name/Address Key Assignment

This table contains user specific address link information to BAS (Business Address Service). You can determine if a user is a Business User you can see it at field IDADTYPE which value has turned into 04 (Identity with Workplace Address).

PERSNUMBER -> Person Address tables like ADRP

ADDRNUMBER -> Organization Address at tables like ADRC

BPPERSON -> Business Partner GUID at table BUT000


Workplace Address

MOM052 - Workplace Addresses

This table contains reference to Workplace Address.

ORG_ADDR_NUMBER -> Organisation Address at tables like ADRC

PARTNER_GUID ->  Business Partner GUID at table BUT000


Business Address Service (BAS) tables

ADRV - Address Where-Used List (Business Address Services)

ADRVP - Person Where-Used List (Business Address Services)

ADRC                 - Addresses (Main Address table)

ADRP                 - Persons (Data for Persons)


Data Structure

Business Partner

04-BP Data Model.png



05-User Data Model.png


Business Address Service

06-Address Data Model.png


User Data change and field status

With active HCM integration and Business User functionality there is a change at field control at transaction SU01. Field control is managed by CUA and setup at maintenance view TBZ_V_EEWA_SRC.

The following picture shows possibilities with field control.


Black bordered area is controlled by HCM only and cannot changed at SU01.

CUA interfaces takes into account this specific field setting by standard. IDM Systems have to use new interface IDENTITY_MODIFY (API) to split authorization and address data on user update.



As you can see this is a big change in User Workplace address management. Very important is that user loose there own address data and get a reference to BP workplace address instead. Whenever you are going to cut Business Partner <-> User relation, user will not have any address data any more.

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Hi Andi, 

thanks a lot for this very detailed and very well described information. This helped a lot to discuss the topic with a customer.