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In my last blog post SAP Improvement Finder & Customer Influence Programs I wrote about small enhancements in SAP and how they have been helpful to many people in their day to day lives using SAP HCM. Today, while randomly searching for SAP content I happened to come across Note 2085137 - H99CWTR0 - Enhancement for Rate field. It is not everyday you come across an update to functionality in a SAP Payroll report so naturally I was intrigued. Apparently this note has been around since November of last year, but I was not aware of it until I came across it today. This is for the Wage Type Reporter program (H99CWTR0) which is accessed via Transaction code PC00_M11_WTK.

I wanted to see what it looks like in order to do a proof of concept so I decided to give it a shot on implementing it. Upon looking at the instructions of the note I saw that a switch is provided in the code that has to be activated via an enhancement. Here is the information as spelled out in the note.

So I logged into one of our sandbox systems and via SE80 went to program H99CWTR0 and navigated to INCLUDE H99CWTR0_FORMS. Here, I found the line of code for this "ENHANCEMENT-POINT CHANGE_DRIVER_CODE SPOTS HRPAY_CWTR INCLUDE BOUND."

I created the enhancement spot per the instructions in the note in order to activate the switch (Screenshot showing what this looks like and the exact location below).

Next, I ran wage type reporter and Voila - the Rate field is on the output of the screen and looks like this (After I adjusted the layout to my liking of course)

Just wanted to share this with the community in case others were not aware of this functionality. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

In the process of finding this note I also ran into a few others worth noting and being aware of if you are looking at this functionality.

Note 2210179 - Follow up note related to an issue with Currency for the Rate field not being shown was also released on 08/26/2015

Note 2116573 - Addressed an issue where "Short dump is observed if report is executed with comparison mode set and output is chosen with Excel format."

**I updated my previous blog post SAP Improvement Finder & Customer Influence Programs to include this content as well so anyone who reads that may be aware of this**