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On November 26 SAP successfully launched SAP Intelligent Asset Management, a set of solutions bringing collaborative asset intelligence, planning, and prediction to equipment maintenance and operations.

Please see the press release for more details: https://news.sap.com/2018/11/sap-intelligent-asset-management-insight-optimization/.

We are happy to announce the release of SAP Intelligent Asset Management 1811.



This release offers new functionalities in the areas of SAP Asset Intelligence Network, SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management, SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service and includes the latest version of the mobile asset management app SAP Asset Manager 3.0.

This release of SAP Asset Intelligence Networkincludes new Digital Services and Content Package capabilities. This service enables manufacturers to promote and sell digital services. Through its integration with the SAP App Center, you can automatically share documents, failure modes and instructions as soon as customers select and buy the associated App Center packages.

Furthermore, we have made enhancements to the Lookup app. In addition to scanning QR codes, customers can also identify equipment by scanning NFC tags using mobile devices.


In SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management, there are several enhancements to checklists. For example, you can maintain attributes or indicators for questions in the checklist assessment, add documents to unpublished checklists, and compare the values of several checklist assessments. Once you have completed the checklist the system updates the equipment master data with all the captured values to keep the records in sync.


In SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service, we have introduced fingerprint management. Operators and manufacturers can capture a sensor data pattern -  or a fingerprint - for equipment at major milestones of the equipment lifecycle so they can refer to it again later to detect deviations from the normal behavior and plan actions to get the equipment back to the normal state.

There’s also a new alert page for analyzing data associated with a selected alert. View relevant indicator values displayed in a time series chart, failure modes, causes, and recommended actions ranked by occurrence in the past. You can also see the maintenance history with the top three notifications and work orders created in the past for similar alerts.


SAP Asset Manager3.0 comes with a new customer service component that enables maintenance of service equipment under contract at the customer or third-party sites. You can also find customer information about technicians’ service engagements, business partner information, and contract and warranty information.

In Meter Management, we have added support for periodic readings, disconnect and reconnect orders, and repair orders. With this version of SAP Asset Manager, you can view “counter type” measuring points in a bar chart and “valuation-only” measuring points in a thumbnail chart.

You can now also run SAP Asset Manager on Android tablets.The Android version is available through the early adoption care program.


These are only the highlights of the individual solutions. For a complete overview of all new features, visit the SAP Help Portal or find out more about SAP Intelligent Asset Management on http://www.sap.com/EAM


For information about integration of Intelligent Asset Management with SAP Enterprise Asset Management, please see  https://blogs.sap.com/2018/12/10/fast-track-erp-integration-with-sap-intelligent-asset-management/.