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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

A new year brings new opportunities. As quickly as AI is moving, I don’t see it replacing professional developers in 2024. I do expect AI to serve as an intelligent assistant to accelerate development cycles, automate more testing, and improve the quality of applications. All of this will require robust platforms and tools that seamlessly integrate AI where it can add value. To raise awareness about our latest tooling, including AI in SAP Fiori app development, we are hosting our first SAP Fiori Innovation Day in Dublin (see more in the developer events section below).

If you want to meet with fellow developers and the SAP engineers who build our professional development tools, I encourage you to join our monthly SAP Fiori elements and SAP Fiori tools roundtable group.
Our next meeting is February 14, 2024.

Learn about the group at https://blogs.sap.com/2021/07/31/peer-to-peer-learning-at-the-sap-fiori-elements-and-sap-fiori-tools...
You can also email me if you would like an invitation.

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Development News

Introducing SAPUI5 Adaptation Projects in Visual Studio Code

SAP Business Application Studio (BAS) provides a turnkey environment for efficient development in the SAP ecosystem. Developers can create adaptation projects for freestyle SAPUI5 or SAP Fiori elements apps in BAS. Those projects contain all custom adaptations, which are created in visual or code-based editors of BAS.


SAP Fiori tools 2312

The latest SAP Fiori tools update simplifies the user experience, integrates documentation, tutorials, and support, and adds more open source modules.


SAP Fiori elements 2023 retrospective: AI, collaboration, and consistency combine for a better user experience

SAP Fiori elements introduced several innovations in 2023 to improve how developers create SAP Fiori apps. This post details new functionality in AI, improved collaboration, and portability.


SAP Business Application Studio 2023 retrospective: GitHub integration, Docker support, easier sample data generation, and AI

SAP Business Application Studio continues to improve with continuous innovations. Read about how BAS can make you a better developer.


SAP Build Code is supercharging SAP Business Application Studio with AI

The developer has application lifecycle management capabilities readily available for them, no need to decide on how to support the application, we provide it with SAP BTP best practices and services.


Introducing OpenUI5 2.x

As OpenUI5 celebrates its 10th anniversary, we are continuing to innovate to stay competitive in the dynamic application development framework environment. Towards this goal, we are renewing OpenUI5 by removing deprecated libraries and functionality to enhance security, functionality, and scalability. This post contains the details on this initiative and how to try the new version.


Add cross origin preview pages to the UI theme designer

With the latest release of the UI theme designer, you can now add preview pages from a different host or domain.


Using CAP with SAP Fiori elements to configure multiple views on list report tables

SAP provides several options for presenting a table in a list report. This post explores how to use various features to enhance the user experience when showcasing data in a tabular format.


Upload attachments in a freestyle SAPUI5 and CAP app

Uploading files in UI5 requires a bit more effort compared to adding an input field on a view. Depending on the backend, some specific configuration is needed. In CAP for example, you need to create an entry for each file before you can start uploading.


How to create an SAP Fiori elements app for a time-dependent RAP business object

This post describes how to create an SAP Fiori elements app for an object with a time dependency. Time dependency means that the underlying table has a date that represents the start or end of the record validity as a key field.


Implementing CRUD Operations in OData V4

There are various techniques to read and write data from an OData V4 service. One simple way is to use Ajax requests, but having multiple Ajax requests in a UI5 application might not be ideal. This blog explains how to perform CRUD operations on a V4 model from the controller.


SAP Fiori tree-view

A missing part in our end-to-end SAP Fiori story is the tree-view support. We want to deliver the first version for basic read-only support. The solution is based on the usual HANA – CDS – RAP – Gateway – UI5 – Fiori Elements stack. Beside the regular modeling in RAP, we make use of CDS hierarchies to organize the hierarchy nodes.


New roadmaps available

SAPUI5 roadmap

SAP Fiori elements roadmap

SAP Business Application Studio roadmap

SAP Fiori tools roadmap


Developer Events

SAP Fiori Innovation Day in Dublin – Feb 21, 2024


Hear experts from SAP, Bluestonex, sovanta, and mymedishare provide insights and best practices for building SAP Fiori apps with SAP Fiori elements, SAP Fiori tools, and SAPUI5. We will also have a section on using AI to accelerate application development.



A Hitchhiker’s Guide to SAP Fiori User Experience and its Technologies – replay available

This 2h webinar covered the SAP Fiori design itself, the SAP Fiori applications delivered by SAP, but also technologies and tools to run those apps, to extend standard SAP apps or even to develop your own custom apps. The recording is linked in


More Resources

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