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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

News Update May 1, 2024

Meet the new SAP Business One Web client learning journey on learning.sap.com!

This learning journey is for business users and consultants who want to learn how to effectively use and personalize SAP Business One, Web client. 

  • The learning journey is public and google searchable.
  • Through a combination of video tutorials and practical examples, you will learn about topics such as:
    • SAP Business One, Web client personalization
    • Integration with Microsoft Applications
    • Sales and customer management
    • Purchasing and items management
    • Powerful analytic tools
  • Users can track their progress, complete quizzes, and earn a digital badge by log in with their Universal ID.


News Update December 22, 2022

    • Sie wollen Ihr Wissen rund um Logistik, Rechnungswesen, Umsetzung testen?

      The Test Your Knowledge quizzes are available in the German learning journeys.

           Partners Learning Journey  Customers and Prospects Learning Journey

News Update August 25, 2022

Following your requests we added the simulation option that guides you through chosen scenarios to give the experience of working on a real live system.

Learn more in this blog.


News Update June 6, 2022

New program was added to all SAP Business One - 10.0 Implementation learning journeys:

Working with Embedded Analytics in SAP Business One 10.0, version for SAP HANA



News Update March 29, 2022

So you think you know the Web Client for SAP Business One?
Take this quiz to test your knowledge


News Update March 21, 2022

SAP Business One 10.0 培训和认证 - 已提供中文版。

SAP Business One 10.0 Training and Certification - Now Available in Chinese.

Partner Learning Journey

Customer and prospects Learning Journey


News Update March 09, 2022


Voulez-vous tester vos connaissances sur les domaines logistique, comptabilité, implémentation?

The Test Your Knowledge quizzes are available in the Japanese  and French learning journeys.



Japanese Learning Journey

French Learning Journey

Customer and prospects:

Japanese Learning Journey

French Learning Journey


News Update January 27, 2022

¿Quiere poner a prueba sus conocimientos sobre temas de Logística, Contabilidad e Implementación?

The Test Your Knowledge quizzes are available in the Spanish learning journeys.


Partner Learning Journey

Customer and prospects Learning Journey


News Update November 18, 2021

Quer testar seus conhecimentos nos tópicos de Logística, Contabilidade e Implementação?

Хотите проверить свои знания в Логистике, Финансах и Внедрении?

The Test Your Knowledge quizzes are available in the Portuguese and the Russian learning journeys.

Check them out!


News Update September 5, 2021

Говорите на русском языке?

SAP Business One 10.0 Training Now Available in Russian!.

Partner Learning Journey

Customer and prospects Learning Journey


News Update July 28, 2021

New tile: Web Client for SAP Business One is added to all SAP Business One - 10.0 Learning Journeys.

Partners learning journey:



customers/ prospects learning journeys:



News Update June 13, 2021

SAP Business One 10.0 Training available in 6 languages.


Choose your learning Journey


News Update April 25, 2021

    • Sprechen Sie deutsch?

SAP Business One 10.0 Training & Certification Now Available in German!.

Visit the Learning Journey

    • Video for You

Videos of top scenarios in SAP Business One are now part of the learning experience in SAP Learning Hub.


News Update January 14, 2021

The Spanish training and certification for SAP Business One version 10.0 is live!

Vamos Spanish Learning Journey and take the certification.


News Update November 4, 2020

We enriched our programs with 44 more topics not relevant for certification that will take you to the next level of expertise.


News Update August 5, 2020

Classroom training materials for instructors (TB1000, TB1100, TB1200) are available for download on the SAP Business One Training & Education page of SAP Partner Portal


News Update June 28, 2020

    • New eLearning for SAP Business One Release 10.0 is now live on SAP Learning Hub. Read more in the blog post.




News Update May 28, 2020


News Update October 7, 2019

    • New Training on Cloud Control Center for SAP Business One! Read more in the blog post.


News Update August 8, 2019

    • New online training for: SAP Business One Software Development Kit - SDK (TB1300) is now published on SAP Learning Hub. Access the new program.


    • Content Retirement Notice: SAP Business One 9.2 training will be retired from SAP Learning Hub on August 30, 2019. You are welcome to take the successor SAP Business One 9.3 version of our training.

News Update April 28, 2019 - TB1200 training in French


New in Learning Hub: our TB1200 training is now available in French.


Choose the French learning journey and start exploring.


News Update March 6, 2019 - TB1300 is about to be withdrawn

The Development Associate certification - TB1300, is about to be withdrawn at the end of June 2019.

For more information go to the blog on SAP Business One certification changes.


News Update 24.2.19 - New Translation Languages Available for Classroom Training on SAPPartnerEdge.com

Two new languages available for Classroom training on SAPPartnerEdge.com: Chinese and Brazilian-Portuguese.
These two languages were added to the already existing translated classroom training: German and Spanish.

French is coming soon...

Download materials in your preferred language here.


News Update 18.2.19 - Additional Training Topics

Check out the latest additional training that we recently published. Among these, you can find topics like cost accounting, pick and pack process, import data using DTW and our latest addition – in depth MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) training.

The additional training covers a wide range of topics that can be found on Learning Hub.

You can easily identify a topic that is NOT relevant for certification (additional training) by the color of its icon:

 = Relevant for certification

= NOT relevant for certification (additional training)

Note that additional training is not translated and can be found only in English.

You can also find practice simulations in some of the additional training topics.

Training materials are regularly added and updated on a weekly basis, so stay tuned.

For general information on our training portfolio, refer to the blog: Discover SAP Business One 9.3 Training & Certification.