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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Are you..

a traditional SAP Business One SDK developer, seeking to learn about modern application development with SAP HANA and Service Layer of SAP Business One, and build the next generation of loosely-coupled solutions with SAP Fiori UX for small businesses?

a functional consultant of SAP Business One having some real business cases from customers to be addressed through solution development?

Join us in our inaugural SAP Business One EMEA Development Challenge Program. Register here: Registration for SAP Business One EMEA Development Challenge or email your SAP Business One Local Product Expert or Solution Architect for registration.

An initiative to flourish the next generation Application Development of SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA for Europe Middle East and Africa.

A fun approach to learn cutting-edge technology for enterprise application development, interact and collaborate with peers.

A great opportunity to win exclusive recognition of your solution at SAP Business One EMEA SMB Innovation Summit 2018, through individual marketing videos to showcase your solution to customers, SAP stakeholders and partners.


The program will have three Phases through January 2018 to April 2018.

1st PhaseEnablement (January/February 2018)
The developer course is running on the basis of the standard Application Development online course of SAP Business One version for SAP HANA on SAP e... in an openSAP course fashion, which you can join the focus group on registration with a private SAP Jam Group for discussion and communication.(Invited participants only).

It is recommended that participants take the below online courses for 4 weeks with a scheduled time frame. Each week have its dedicated topics, every topic includes presentation video, exercise and solution. There will be a bi-weekly focus group call as Q&A session organised so you can ask your questions related to the course topics or your app Development specifics. Each course may take 2~4 hours to complete the week. The syllabus of online developer training list below:

Week Topics Focus

Development Technologies

Extensibility Overview

Add-Ons Migration
2 XS Classic HANA Application Development related

B1 xApp Framework

Service Layer
B1 related

SAPUI5 & SAP Fiori

SAP Cloud Platform – BUILD & SAP Web IDE
UX Development


2nd Phase: Develop (January~February 2018)
You will turn your ideas into reality by developing an application with what you have learned, as well as fine tuning your use-case via Design Thinking.

By February 27th latest, you should submit your application for the developer challenge with the following:

  • A SCN blog to introduce your application including the business case, persona of target user, solution overview, technical architecture etc.

  • A demo video (not more than 3 minutes) pitch to showcase your solution.

3rd Phase: Compete (March~April 2018, SAP Business One Innovation Summit - Barcelona)

There will be a Community vote then SAP will assess all the candidate app submission by the participants, and select the top entries to demonstrate in SAP Business One EMEA Innovation Summit 2018. Further follow up with your Go-to-Market strategy afterwards.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Who can attend the SAP Business One EMEA Development Challenge program?

Only open to SAP Business One Partners (VAR, SSP, OEM, MVAR, PMC) and customers in EMEA/MEE countries. Check with your Local Product Expert if you are unsure.

There is no special requirement for the target audience to join the program, as the deliverable outcomes of the program is apps created by participants with the technology learned in the course to address some business cases.

2.What is Focus Group and what is so special about it?

The Focus Group is a group of selected participants who are devoted to the SEED program with commitment to learning and app development. The focus group will be exclusively invited into a private SAP Jam Group for weekly follow up call and communication, or personalised Q&A and design thinking session if necessary.

3.What are the prerequisites to join the Focus Group Calls?

Register your idea thru: Idea Registration link

A B1H demo system ready for exercises and app development.
A burning app use-case to be addressed through app development.
And more importantly your eagerness to learn, and willingness to share and collaborate with peers.

4.How can I access the B1H HANA development online course?

You can access the course and the sample project with instruction of this blog:

5.Can I continue the learning even after February 2018?

Yes, you are free to revisit the course on your own pace even after the phase 1. However be careful about the submission and registration deadlines!

6.Can I just participate in the online course for study without joining the development challenge?

Yes, you can. As the online course is available for all the SAP eLearning Hub user, which is free for registration at https://training.sap.com/

However, you may be excluded from the Focus Group calls.

7.When is the deadline of App submission for the Development Challenge?

The app should not be submit later than 23:59:59 February 27th 2018 GMT

8.What are the criteria of App Submission?

Generally speaking, the app candidates should be loosely coupled solutions leveraging
-SAP Fiori/SAPUI5 or Conversational UI as the User Experience.
-SAP Business One Service Layer for accessing business logic of SAP Business One
-(Optional)If applicable, SAP HANA Extensive Application Service(XS/XSA), Advanced Data Processing such as Predictive Analysis, Text Analysis, Spatial Processing, Graph etc.
-(Optional but recommended) If applicable, SAP Cloud Platform, such as IoT Service, Predictive Service, Leonardo Machine Learning etc.

More details about App Submission guideline is available in the jam group of the program.

9.What is the award for the winners of the Development Challenge?

SAP may award the top entries to be demonstrated on SAP Business One EMEA Innovation Summit 2018 as well as joint marketing videos to showcase the respective participant’s solution and its success. Furthermore, SAP may offer co-marketing activities to all qualified participants.

10.How to ask a technical question?
In order to boost the global SAP Business One HANA Development community,
Firstly, you should post the question on the forum of SAP Business One SDK Community with SAP Business One SDK as primary tag and add the user tag #b1helearning, hence the technical questions could be shared for the whole community, And the question will reach out to the global SAP team monitoring the community. The questions will be answered in SCN forum.

After that, please duplicate the same question into the Jam Group Forum based on the topics with the same title as the question title, the content as the url referring to the same question in SAP Business One SDK Community. Hence, all the participaants are able to share.

Terms and Conditions:

All rights reserved by SAP SE.

  1. If SAP determines in its own discretion that a reasonable number of applications is not reached, SAP as the right to cancel the “SAP Business One APJ SEED Developer Challenge”.

  2. SAP has the right to alter any timeline (e.g. extending the application phase) and to change these Terms & Conditions at any time. SAP informs Partners about these changes via SCN or JAM.

  3. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.