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This blog will provide you more information on Sales Kit processing in Manage Customer Returns App. Sales kit is an important aspect in sales processing in industries. This blog will throw more light on the following two variations of Sales Kit,

  • ERLA (Header Level) – This variant is used when the product is already assembled. Pricing and inventory management is handled at the Sales Kit header

  • LUMF (Item level) – This variant is used when the product is not yet assembled. Pricing and inventory management is handled at the component level.

Creation of Customer Return Document with Sales Kit

Step 1 : In Create Customer Return with Reference app, search for the Sales order with BOM Material -> Click on Create

Step 2 :
For ERLA BOM Materials, observe that the unit of measure field is editable only for sales kit header. Also, net amount is calculated at the header level. Enter the base quantity and hit enter, observe that sales kit component quantities also appear.

In case of LUMF BOM Materials, the net value is evaluated for each of the sales kit components.

Step 3 : While editing Sales Kit component quantities, it is vital to provide values in accordance with quantity ratio rules. When sales kit header quantity is 1 base unit of measure, the quantity for sales kit components can be smaller than the defined Sales component quantity, but when larger quantity is given, error will be thrown stating ‘For sub-items of a bill of material (BOM), return quantity cannot exceed their defined component quantity.’

In case the sales kit header quantity is greater than 1 base unit of measure, when the sub item quantities are not in proportion to the defined sales kit component quantities, an error will be thrown stating the same.

Step 4 : Once the sales kit quantities are provided, click on create. In the Edit Customer Return App, click on save -> Customer Return Document with sales kit is created.

Edit Customer Return document with Sales Kit

In Manage Customer return app, users can also edit the Customer Return Document. Choose the Document you wish to edit and click on Edit button.


The following actions can be performed on editing,

a) Return reason for Sales Kit - Return reason can be set at the header level for sales kit, it is automatically transferred to the sales kit sub items.

b) Refund setting for Sales Kit - In case of LUMF type materials, sales kit components are only refundable. In refund details, both ‘Replacement Product’ and ‘Credit memo’ options can be chosen.

For ERLA material, sales kit header is refundable. In refund details, only ‘Credit memo’ option can be chosen.

c) Deleting items in Sales Kit - When all sales kit components are selected for deletion, the sales kit header is also deleted. Deletion of selected sales kit components is also possible using the delete option at Items tab.

d) Reject items in Sales Kit - Once the sales kit header is rejected and saved, the rejection reason is transferred to the components as well. The reason for rejection can be changed for sub items after rejection too.

Hope this information was useful and would help you with processing Sales Kit in Returns documents.

Thanks and Regards,