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In this last blog, we will conclude the blog series on 2-Tier ERP following the blog on Analytics in 2-Tier ERP. In the 9 previous blogs over the last weeks we provided details around supported business scenarios in finance, sales, procurement and manufacturing as well as information on topics like integration, master data and reporting/analytics. This last blog of this series will take a farther look into the future and revisit some customer interactions we had over the last weeks.

2-Tier ERP – Is in the minds of our customers

The cloud train is leaving the station, this becomes obvious not just by reading and listening to the analysts, but also when you talk to customers. Let’s summarize the key motivations that our customers have when they think about 2-Tier ERP:
• Multinational corporations often see S/4HANA Cloud to spearhead newest cloud ERP in the corporation. They are convinced from the cloud qualities and want to start in a subsidiary, where they expect less complexity than replacing the headquarters ERP in the first shot

• Upper Medium Businesses appreciate the S/4HANA innovations and get thrilled by the idea of getting this in a public cloud environment. Consuming regular innovations combined with differentiation in the SAP Cloud Platform looks like their preferred approach to avoid highly customized and then more expensive on premise systems.

• Some businesses are considering SAP S/4HANA Cloud as an option to get first experience with SAP, while they think about replacing their legacy ERP in the headquarters with SAP in the midterm.
In summary ERP cloud is in the minds of our customers and 2-Tier ERP is a very valid option to accelerate their cloud journey.

SAP is ready. How ready are you?

As you might have read in the first blogs, SAP is supporting important key scenarios for 2-tier ERP in Finance, Sales Procurement and Manufacturing. Are those scenarios relevant for you? Are there more scenarios you need to run? Please check out the feature scope document for detailed information on 1705.

Assume you can run your subsidiary business on S/4HANA Cloud, the steps to make this deployment a 2-Tier deployment, you need to:

1. Enable Financial planning and consolidation
2. Ensure Visibility into your subsidiary from headquarters
3. Enable tightly integrated business processes between the tiers

The previous blogs provided you with a perspective on each of those areas.There is more to come!

S/4HANA Cloud is SAP’s strategic, flag ship ERP product and every three months’ new innovations are automatically available as part of your public cloud solution. Stay tuned for the new interfaces, that enable more and deeper integration scenarios to be supported, new packaged configuration that simplifies the way to run the system and new functionality in the code that provides you more functionality and choices to run the system supporting you to run your business.


For more information on SAP S/4HANA Cloud, check out the following links:
• S/4HANA cloud release information: http://www.sap.com/s4-cloudrelease
• Product documentation and What’s new in 1705 available here
• Best practices for all the cloud editions here

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