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With this app, you can search for and filter sales orders and their subsequent outbound deliveries with payment cards that need to be authorized again and trigger this reauthorization.

Key Features

You can use this app to do the following:

· Adapt your views or use the predefined page variants

· Display and search through a list of sales orders by using filters

· Display payment details and payment card data for each sales order in the list

· Trigger reauthorizations of payment cards for sales orders individually

· Navigate to Display Sales Orders app

· Navigate to object pages of sales orders and outbound deliveries

Within the APP, there are some predefined variants which can help user quickly find the target documents

1. Sales Orders without Deliveries

This variant filters all sales orders for which no deliveries have been created.

As mark 1 ,you can focus on the payment card status to verify whether the sales order has authorization or not .

If the payment card status is ‘Approved ’ , you can then pay attention to the field expiration date to verify whether the authorization is expired .

As mark 2 ,if the date is red , the authorization is expired . You can choose this sales order and then click the reauthorize button to reauthorize.

After you click the Reauthorize button, you can see the expiration date is refreshed.

2. Sales Orders with Deliveries

With this variant, you can select sales orders whose delivery is blocked by payment card. You can also select sales orders using delivery number.

If you find the payment card status(delivery) is ‘Not Approved’ . This delivery document can’t be posted until you reauthorize this sales order.

For example, you choose sales order 18075, and click the button Reauthorize. After the reauthorization is successful, you can execute the subsequent functions..

Please note: the reauthorization only happens on sales order, if the delivery was blocked already, you have to do some change on delivery to trigger the authorization check again.

3. Sales Orders with Failed Authorizations

This variant filters all sales orders in which the payment card status is set as Not Approved.

You can see all the sales orders whose payment card authorization is failed here . Sales orders with failed authorization can’t be reauthorized, but it lists all the failed ones.

4. Sales Orders with Preauthorization

This variant filters all sales orders in which the payment card is preauthorized.

For some reasons like lacking stock , the sales order can keep in the preauthorization status when the sales order can’t be delivered in a long time .

Authorization horizonSpecifies the number of days before the material availability date, or billing date, that the system is to initiate an authorization request. For example ,you require authorization to be carried out 7 days before the material is available.

As time goes by , the sales order can be reauthorized successfully when the material availability date is in the horizon . Otherwise , even the reauthorization is triggered , reauthorization won’t happen.

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