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In today's fast-paced business environment, staying compliant with ever-changing regulations is crucial for enterprises. However, keeping up with the constant influx of changes from regulatory authorities around the world can be challenging, especially for businesses operating in multiple countries. Regulatory changes impact your business process systems and have the potential to touch everything from payroll, taxes, and invoicing to procurement. Compliant business processes and software systems ensure effective global business operations and increased trust by authorities and customers in your business.

That's why SAP is thrilled to announce the launch of regulatory change manager, a powerful SaaS application built on SAP Business Technology Platform, that will simplify the way you navigate regulatory changes affecting your business processes. With regulatory change manager, you can finally stay on top of regulatory changes that are relevant to your SAP business systems from a single source of truth.


So, what exactly is regulatory change manager, and how can it benefit your business?

  • Centralized Repository: Say goodbye to the endless search for regulatory updates across different sources. Regulatory change manager provides a centralized repository of global regulatory changes relevant to your business processes and SAP products. You will have access to a comprehensive analysis of upcoming regulatory changes, ensuring that you never miss a critical update.
  • Smart Notifications: Regulatory change manager goes beyond just providing information. It keeps you informed with personalized alerts and notifications for regulatory changes that directly affect your business operations. You'll receive timely updates, allowing you to take proactive measures to plan for compliance and mitigate any potential risks.
  • Product Impact Analysis: Understanding the impact of regulatory changes on your SAP products and solutions is crucial for effective planning. Regulatory change manager provides comprehensive impact analysis, helping you identify the products and solutions that are affected. With this valuable insight, you can make informed decisions and plan for the necessary adjustments to ensure compliance.
  • Actionable Data: Regulatory change manager does not just stop at providing information and continuous updates on regulatory changes. It goes a step further by offering detailed information on the regulatory changes, along with planned timelines and details of the solutions across relevant SAP products. You will have access to actionable data, that empowers you to take the necessary steps to stay compliant and run your business without disruption.

Interested in learning more? Please register for an upcoming webinar, which will discuss the salient features and capabilities of the regulatory change manager.

Want to learn more about the concept of Regulatory Relief as a Service and Localization at SAP, visit www.sap.com/localization