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Approvers esp. Purchasers/ purchasing manager as approvers would like to complete the information in Purchase Requisition while they are in approval. For example, an employee couldn’t specify the correct supplier or correct account assignment details during creation of a shopping cart which then can be provided by a purchaser/purchasing manager during approval.

From 1905CE, S/4HANA Procurement has come up with a new option in My Inbox for approvers to complete Purchase Requisition information before approving them. This reduces the need of approvers to reject the Purchase Requisition and send back to requestors in case corrections are needed in the requisition. The new option - Edit and Approve Purchase Requisition comes as part of smart link in Purchase Requisition in My Inbox.

Few important points to be noted are mentioned below.

  • Approvers should be assigned to role SAP_BR_MANAGER_PROCUREMENT to make use of this option.

  • Edit is only allowed for Self-Service Purchase Requisitions(Creation Indicator - S) and Professional Purchase Requisitions( Creation Indicator - R) using the option.

  • Edit is only allowed for Purchase Requisitions triggered using workflow scenarios in app - Manage Workflow for Purchase Requisitions - New.

  • Various Features related to app

    In 1905CE, approvers could change quantity of Purchase Requisition along with changing Source of Supply information and then Approve the Purchase Requisition.

    In 1908CE, more features are added as listed below.

    Overall Release and Item Level Approval

    • Addition of Approval Attachments by Approver(same as in My Inbox)

    • Addition of Approval Notes by Approver(same as in My Inbox)

      • View Approval Details

        • Change of Purchase Requisition Attachments(in item details)

        • Change of Purchase Requisition Notes (in item details)

        • Change of Item Description, Material Group, Valuation Price, Price Unit, UoM of Requested Quantity(with restricted editing for catalog items and material)

        • Item Level Approval

          • Change of Account Assignment Details

          • In 1911CE, more features are added as listed below.

            Header Level Approval

            Change of Account Assignment Details

            Header Level and Item Level Approval

            • Change of Delivery Date

            • Display of Web Ser­vice ID to identify a Purchase Requisition item from a catalog

            • From 2002CE, approvers can edit Purchasing Group as well as Requisitioner for both Header and Item Level Approval.