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In previous blogs, we discussed about the overview of Supply Assignment and how it can be executed through a BOP Variant. In this blog, we will see the use cases for proportional assignment of supply to demand and to achieve this in Supply Assignment.

There are situations where limited supply of a product needs to be distributed among the customer orders in such a way that each order gets a fair share of the available supply.

In below example, if orders are assigned sequentially then Sales Order 4 does not get any supply. Whereas proportional distribution ensures the available supply is distributed among the demand.

Sequential vs Proportional Assignment


Below set up is required to carry out proportional assignment in Supply Assignment Rule.

Configuration Supply Assignment (Proportional)

Attach the Supply Assignment Rule in BOP Variant.

Configure BOP Variant

Execute the BOP Variant and check the results in Monitor Supply Assignment Runs.

Monitor Supply Assignment Runs


Compare Supply Assignment Runs


Proportional assignment provides great value to business by improving customer satisfaction and fulfill requirements in a fair share manner with the available supply. Demand Grouping rule provides more flexibility to group the demand for proportional distribution.