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Hi S/4HANA Cloud users,

In the latest 2008 release, a new scope item is added under R&D/Engineering -  EPPM portfolio.

This scope item is named as "Project control procurement - 4RF" details of the same can be extracted from SAP Best Practices Explorer.

This blog post is a general walk-through of the business process steps covering the value propositions and business benefits.

Short Description 

With this scope item, the demands of the work packages can be used to manage the procurement requirements in the planning stage of project. The demands can also be used to trigger and monitor subsequent procurement of materials or services. In short it is a best practices focusing on demand based procurement of materials and services. The project controller- procurement becomes the key role triggering the demand and the purchaser then uses the requisition for ordering the material or service.

Key Business Roles

Project Financial Controller
Project Controller - Procurement

Process Steps

  • Define and create demand using Manage Project Demand (F4562) app : You simply need to open the app, enter the relevant details like Demand Info, Demand name ,Material/ Service information, assign a work package (account assignment) and key dates (demand start & end) and save.

There is also an option given for creating demands using copy functionality. 

  • Request Demand : Once the demand is created, we just need to click on request demand button in the Manage Project demand app and the purchase requisition automatically gets generated.

  • Convert PR to PO using Manage Purchase Requisitions app : Now the purchaser can use this PR generated from demand and order the material / service.

Simple isn't it Create - Request - Order !!!!

Use the same Manage project demand app for monitoring your project control driven procurement activities and leverage the S/4HANA Cloud integration functionalities with 2008 release.


Happy Consulting !!!