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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This blog provides you an overview of innovations in our SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1802 release for Asset Management. Please check out also my video.

Maintenance Planning

Maintenance Planning Overview

Maintenance planners need a clear overview of the current situation in their areas of responsibility and they need the possibility to take quick actions. The maintenance planning overview page is the new central gateway to their daily work. This app supports the user in planning and execution of their maintenance work. It allows effective monitoring of important, time-sensitive process steps. According to the selection criteria, the system analyzes critical factors within the chosen reference period.

This app offers a KPI dashboard which informs the user about

  • Outstanding Notifications and

  • Orders Not Released.

Notifications and Orders can be analyzed via bar chart or pie chart. You can order the charts by priority, activity, notification type or order type.

This capability allows you easily to monitor new maintenance requests or malfunction reports for planning the maintenance activities.

The Maintenance Planning Overview page enables you to identify purchasing bottlenecks that might prevent the execution of maintenance work as it was scheduled. For this purpose the SAP Fiori cards

  • Missing Components,

  • Purchase Orders Not Approved

  • Purchase Requisitions Not Approved and

  • Purchase Requisitions Not Converted to Purchase Orders

provide all important information at a glance.

Fig. 1: SAP Fiori app “Maintenance Planning Overview”

In order to resolve a bottleneck you can open the digital assistant, the SAP CoPilot, invite the responsible persona in a chat and ask for instance the purchaser for approval. From the dashboard you can directly navigate to the Orders of Planning and change their status. Once maintenance orders have been finally confirmed, the maintenance planner can trigger the technical completion of those work orders. As a result reservations which have not been issued are deleted.

Fig. 2: Maintenance planner asks for pending order approval with SAP CoPilot


Damage Analysis

In S/4HANA Cloud release 1708 we brought out the "Asset Information System" with its first analytical app, the so called "Breakdown Analysis". Now we are offering the new SAP Fiori app “Technical Damage Analysis”. This application enables maintenance planners and technicians to see damages which happen frequently, check their causes, and find the damaged technical object parts. You can track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which display, for example, all causes of damages. You can examine the related maintenance notifications in the list which is based on maintenance notification items, use filters, drill down to different dimensions, and click navigation targets. With clicking the KPI tag, you can see a detailed analytical card about the numbers of the KPI tag.

Fig. 3: SAP Fiori app “Technical Object Damages” - Column chart

This application offers all the capabilities you expect from an analytical page. For instance the user can choose between different chart types like bar chart, column chart, pie chart or heat map.

Fig. 4: SAP Fiori app “Technical Object Damages” - Heat map


Object Pages

In SAP S/4HANA Cloud release 1708 we have released the first object pages for the

  • Technical Object

  • Maintenance Notification

  • Maintenance Order

  • Maintenance Order Operations and

  • Order Confirmation

Now with SAP S/4HANA Cloud release 1802, Asset Management offers also object pages for the

  • Task List and

  • Task List Operations.

Why are these object pages so important for Maintenance Management?
With thousands of new objects, documents, and data records being created every year in any maintenance system, maintenance planners and technicians can use these object pages to quickly and easily find the information they need.
Detailed information about specific objects and documents is provided in an easily consumable way. Users can quickly find and navigate to related data.

Find Maintenance Task List

The application “Find Maintenance Task List” enables the user to find and display maintenance task lists. You can do this either by filtering the list or by using the free text search. The user can also display a single task list to view its properties, its assigned operations, and its attachments.

Fig. 5: SAP Fiori app “Find Maintenance Task List”

Fig. 6: Navigate from the "Maintenance Task Lists" to a specific “Maintenance Task List”

Find Maintenance Task List and Operation

The application “Find Maintenance Task List and Operation” enables the user to find and display maintenance task lists and their operations. You can do this either by filtering the list or by using the free text search. The user can also display a single task list to view its properties, its assigned operations, and its attachments.

Fig. 7: SAP Fiori app “Find Maintenance Task List and Operation”


Self-Service Configuration UIs

Last but not least, I want to highlight several new self-service configuration UIs (SSC UIs) which are available in the “Manage Your Solution” app which allow you to

  • define types of technical objects to categorize functional locations and pieces of equipment

  • define maintenance planner groups that are responsible for planning and processing maintenance tasks in the maintenance planning part

  • determine the generic structure of the functional location label.


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