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Product definition & modeling has always been an important part of implementation projects and is especially tricky in the steel industry. Today, individualization and lot size one are hot topics for most manufacturing industries. For the steel industry, every steel coil has been an "individual" for many years.

For the textile industry, the dye lot defines the color. Colour deviations from one dye lot to another can easily result in customer complaints.

For the cable industry, all logistic processes are based on the length of the material.
A key characteristic of "mill products" is that we are typically not modeling with predefined SKUs (stock keeping units) - but with dimensions, industrial grades, chemical compositions, and many options. The required complexity differs by industry: from a few demand characteristics in the cable industry to hundreds of characteristics in corrugated packaging, and even thousands of manufacturing rules in flat steel.

As technology advances and new tools become available, also modeling approaches progress. SAP partners have enhanced SAP standard tools with own concepts.
The following blogs are a starting point to explore the topic - as any modeling discussion gets quickly customer & business model specific.

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The archive of past discussions also contains a wealth of information, mainly more detailed questions & answers - for example, how to model pulp manufacturing in SAP.