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Product and Topic Expert

With the recent SAP S/4HANA releases the integration capabilities of Financial Planning for Portfolio Management have been enhanced to support integration into the SAP S/4HANA periodic financial planning, i.e. ACDOCP based planning.

Financial Planning in Portfolio Management

Before going into the specific enhancements, here’s a high-level summary of the financial planning features previously already available in the solution.

Financial Planning is used to plan and store financial values for buckets, initiatives or portfolio items based on periods, customer specific groups and categories, in defined currencies. Different value types are separated by so-called Views in the financial planning. The view defines whether the values are entered manually, via aggregation (aka roll-up) or integration of financial values from SAP S/4HANA or ERP.

Buckets and initiatives, can have manual and roll-up views. Manually maintained views are e.g. the definition of the top-down budgets for the business areas in the financial planning of buckets. Roll-up views represent e.g. the aggregated budget requests, plan or actual cost assigned of the portfolio items assigned to a bucket or initiative.

Object Hierarchy in Portfolio ManagementObject Hierarchy in Portfolio Management


 Portfolio Items support manual views and integrated views. Manual views are entered directly in the financial planning of the portfolio item. Integrated views represent imported financial values i.e. Budget, Plan and Actual Cost and Revenues or Commitments.


Retrieval of integrated values from SAP S/4HANA or an SAP ERP system requires the Portfolio Item to be linked to an accounting object (Project System (PS) project, WBS element, orders). Linkage happens via object links, an example of an accounting object link to a PS project is displayed in the image below.

Object Link to PS projectObject Link to PS project

You can link one or multiple accounting objects to a single portfolio item. Supported accounting objects are PS projects, WBS elements, Networks, Network Activities, internal orders as well as maintenance and service orders. For hierarchical accounting objects (e.g. Project or WBS element), you can decide, based on the object link, if and how the hierarchy shall be considered for financial integration (hierarchy processing). If a portfolio item is linked to a PPM project, the accounting objects assigned to the PPM project are used for financial integration.


When these object links are in place, the financial data is read from the accounting object and stored in Portfolio Management. The imported values are then mapped to the categories and groups in the financial planning based on customizing. Integrated views are filled via integration process, they cannot be maintained manually in the financial planning UI of the portfolio item.

You can transfer financial values of manually planned views of a portfolio item that is linked to a Project System project. These can be transferred as overall or annual values into budgets (CJ30) and/or plan costs (CJ40). All values selected for transfer are by default transferred to the first top-level WBS element. BAdi /RPM/EX_CO_DOWNLOAD_BADI can be used to adjust the before mentioned splitting of values to WBS elements or the alter the values if required.

Details about the Financial Planning in Portfolio Management are also available in the application help  and in the additional support content.

Enhancements for integration to SAP S/4HANA financial planning

In SAP S/4HANA financial planning is based on ACDOCP table (architectural overview). The goal of the enhancements on the Portfolio Management side was to enable integration scenarios for Financial Planning to ACDOCP.  With SAP S/4HANA 2022 FPS2 transfer of financial planning values of a portfolio item to a linked Project System project was enabled. In SAP S/4HANA 2023 the import of plan values from ACDOCP for Project System projects or directly assigned WBS elements into the financial planning of a portfolio item has been added. This enhancement was extended in the SAP S/4HANA 2023 FPS1 by the capability to import ACDOCP data of directly linked orders and support of hierarchy processing during import of ACDOCP values.

Transfer from Portfolio Management to ACDOCP

The screenshot below shows an example for the enhanced transfer from PPM. In the portfolio item financial planning, you start the transfer via the button Transfer to Project System. In the following popup all views that are setup in customizing for transfer are displayed, including the ACDOCP plan category they are transferred to, as well as the transfer amount. In the below example view 01. Approved Plan (transfer to ACDOCP) is assigned to transfer to plan category Portfolio Planning.

Transfer financial planning values from portfolio item to ACDOCPTransfer financial planning values from portfolio item to ACDOCP

 While values in CJ30/CJ40 are either overall or annual values without specific G/L accounts assigned, ACDOCP values are periodic and require a G/L account assignment. From a business process perspective, this enables you to transfer a more granular planning from PPM to PS. After transfer values are assigned to the same periods that they were approved on the portfolio side. The assignment to G/L accounts helps with more detailed comparison of approved vs. current comparisons on the PS side.

To achieve this, you need to specify a mapping in customizing, in which you define which G/L acount shall be used for transfer. The example below in the definition of the customizing in SAP Portfolio and Project Management  -> Portfolio Management -> Base System Interfaces -> Financial Planning Settings -> Define Financial Planning Settings. Here a new customizing node Map Fin View to Plan Cat for Periodic Plan Transf. has been added that allows you to map the combination of view/category/group to a controlling area, plan category and G/L account for transfer.

Customizing settings for transferCustomizing settings for transfer

 Once the data is transferred, it can be reviewed by the responsible for project controlling. When reviewing the transferred data e.g. in the Project Cost Line Items Fiori app as shown below, you see the values being transferred as defined in the customizing.

Transferred values in Project Line Items Fiori appTransferred values in Project Line Items Fiori app

 Import from ACDOCP to Portfolio Management

As of SAP S/4HANA 2023 you can import plan costs directly from ACDOCP when a portfolio item is linked to a project or a WBS element. All details for the enhanced integration are available via Knowledge Base Article (KBA) 3386471 . In the example used, the portfolio item is linked to a project and the plan values for the project are maintained via Easy Cost Planning as displayed in the example below..

Easy Cost Planning for projectEasy Cost Planning for project

The import functionality of Portfolio Management has been extended by the new report /RPM/FICO_INT_PLANNING_V2 that allows you to import plan values from ACDOCP. If you want to retrieve plan costs from ACDOCP and retrieve actual cost and commitments for other views, run the /RPM/FICO_INT_PLANNING_V2 report first in integration mode, subsequently run the /RPM/FICO_INT_PLANNING report e.g. in integration, planning and roll-up mode.

With SAP S/4HANA 2023 FPS01 the before mentioned reports also offer support for background processing via the wrapper reports /RPM/SCHEDULE_FICO_INT_PLAN and /RPM/SCHEDULE_FICO_INT_PLAN_V2.

Once the integration and planning has been executed successfully, the values are available in the portfolio item’s financial planning. In the example below, the 50.000 EUR planned in August and September 2023 are imported into the view 02 Detailed Plan (via integration), category Expenses, group 01 Travel.

Portfolio Financial Planning for portfolio itemPortfolio Financial Planning for portfolio item

To map which plan costs from ACDOCP are assigned to the categories and groups in the financial planning, use the customizing node Map Fin.View to Plan Cat for Period Plan Import in SAP Portfolio and Project Management -> Portfolio Management -> Base System Interfaces -> Financial Planning Settings -> Define Financial Planning Settings. Via the customizing you define which Plan Category from ACDOCP is mapped to the combination of view/category/group and which e.g. G/L accounts are considered. Other mapping criteria such as Cost Center or Activity Type are also supported. For import to Portfolio Management only plan categories of the following application and usage types are supported:

Application TypeApplicationUsage TypeUsage Description
00Periodic Planning000No specific usage
00Periodic Planning001Project Budget
01Project Management001Easy Cost Planning for Projects
01Project Management002Network Costing
01Project Management003Project Reporting
05Maintenance Order  

Since the mapping is always depending on the SAP S/4HANA system (Logical System) you are reading data from, it is possible to leverage different settings for different systems. This allows you to also run mixed scenarios, e.g. connect to classic CO plan tables for projects residing in ECC systems and read plan costs from ACDOCP for projects in SAP S/4HANA systems.

Customizing settings for importCustomizing settings for import

With SAP S/4HANA 2023 FPS01 the import has been enhanced to support handling of plan values for orders. This becomes relevant in the following scenarios:

  • A portfolio item has an accounting object link to network, network activities, internal orders or  maintenance and service orders
  • A portfolio item has an accounting object link using hierarchy processing

In both scenarios it is now possible to import plan values on the orders maintained in ACDOCP.