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In the App Manage Journal Entries for a Journal Entry document we can include the fields Partner Profit Center and Partner Segment from the line items settings button. The fields included are displayed as blank value. We check the same journal entry in the App Display Journal Entry (FB03) GUI based App the field values are present.

Partner Profit Center Partner Segment blank.



In the following I will discuss the configurations which will extend your App Manage Journal Entries to display the values for the fields Partner Profit Center and Partner Segment.


Open the configuration settings App Manage Your Solution / CBC system go to SSCUI Define Field Status Variants (ID 102393).

  1. Press configure.

  2. Go to edit mode.

  3. Select field status variant to go into field status group.

  4. Select field status group of your G/L Account (Ex. YB06 taken in this blog).

  5. Select Copy As.

  6. In Change View “Define Field Status Variant”.

  7. Define new field status group Name and Text.

  8. Press Copy Button.

  9. Select your newly created field status group.

  10. Press the edit Field Status button.

  11. In the subgroup list goto Additional Account Assignment.

  12. In page 2 make the Trading partner profit center and Partner Segment as Required Entry Shown below.

  13. Save the changes.

  14. Your field status group is created.

Field Status group :- Additional Account Assignment


G/L Account master data changes:- Field status group edited to ZYB6.

  1. Go to SSCUI Manage G/L Account master data.

  2. In edit mode.

  3. Drop down to company code data.

  4. Open the company code data in edit mode.

  5. Update the G/L Account master data field “Field Status Group” with the newly created Field Status group.

  6. Save changes.



Refresh the App Manage Journal Entries and include the fields Partner Profit Center and Partner Segment from line item display settings button to view the fields in your journal entry line item for G/L Account.

Journal entry document.





The fields Partner profit center and Partner Segment are blank in the App Manage Journal Entries when the fields status group assigned of the G/L Account are Suppress or Opt.Entry fields.

You cannot edit the field status of the field status group. Instead copy the field status group to create a new field status group and update the entry to Required entry field for Partner profit center and Partner Segment.

Assign the newly create field status group to you g/l account master data in company code data.