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Product and Topic Expert

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This is a continuation of blog for customizing eMail Form Template for Payment Advice. The predelivered eMail templates are maintained in Fiori App Maintain Email Templates.

The Email template is edited online in ABAP UI and does not need the Adobe Livecycle Designer needed for Master Form Template and Content Form Template.

This procedure uses standard SAP delivered Payment Advice form and is chosen because it is convenient to send the payment advice form by email while checks can be printed physically. Instead of standard SAP delivered payment advice form if you want to customize the form then please use the previous blogs for customizing Master Form and Content Form and then define the Content form in the last step under Output Parameter Determination - Form Template

TIP: Please note that you should download/modify/upload template in Q-System. After it is uploaded in Q-System, you can move forms across landscape using Q-System Fiori tile “Export Software Collection” and then import into P-System using Fiori tile “Import Software Collection”.


Select Fiori app from group – Output Management, Fiori tile – Maintain Email Form Templates
To easily select the template, please set filter as required – click on (1) Predelivered Templates, (2) Description as check, (3) Available Languages as English, (4) Available Countries as USA, Click on (5) Go and (6) RightArrow to open the Content Template.

Click on Copy
You will see the copied form in (1) Custom tab. Select the (2) Email Template and Click on (3) >
Select English Language click on (2) Change Details.
You can change the text and then click on Save.


In Q-System select Fiori group – Implementation Cockpit – Fiori tile Manage Your Solution. You will require authorization to Role SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT
Select Configure Your Solution,

Enter (1) “domain” and click on (2) Search, Select (3) Define Email Sender Domain and click on (4) >
Enter name of domain
Click on Save.


In Q-System select Fiori group – Business Partner Master – Fiori tile Maintain Business Partner. You will require authorization to Business Catalog SAP_CMD_BC_BP_MAINT_PC
For every business partner (1), click on start (2), Select BP (3), Switch Between Display and Changes (4), Company Code (5)
tab Vendor Correspondence (1), enter Clerk's internal address (2)
Save the record.


In Q System Select Fiori  group – Output Control, Fiori tile Output Parameter Determination. You will require authorization with business role SAP_BR_ADMINISTRATOR business catalog SAP_CA_BC_OC.
Select Show Rules for (1) Payment Advice Determination Step (2) Output Type, that Dispatch Time shows (4) “immediately”, if not (3) Edit

Check the Receiver is set for the 2 lines as below
Check that Determination Step Channel is set to EMAIL as below..
You may also send a printout to PRINT and this can be set to DEFAULT printer so it does not print to physical printer but is available in the tile Print Queue.
Select Show Rules for (1) Payment Advice Determination Step (2) Printer Settings set to DEFAULT printer. You may set this to print to physical printer as well and this will require Print Queue to be setup.
Select Show Rules for (1) Payment Advice Determination Step (2) Email Settings, select (4) Direct Input, Sender email address (5) noreply@mycompany.com, Click on OK (6) , to change, click on (3) Edit 
Click on (7) Activate. Answer Yes to question below:
Select Show Rules for Payment Advice Determination Step Form Template as FIN_FO_PAYM_ADVICE, ensure as (4) below , if not (3) Edit.  FIN_FO_PAYM_ADVICE is a predefined template, if you want custom template, please select accordingly

Select Show Rules for Payment Advice Determination Step Email Recipient, ensure nothing is defined as below

Select Show Rules for Payment Advice Determination Step Output Relevance, ensure as (4) below , if not (3) Edit 


Please follow steps for Payment Proposal and Payment Run

Please find below the sample printout. The pdf attachment is standard or as customized in the blog for Master form and Content Form.


The SSCUI configuration as per step 3 will be transported using the Q2P transport using Configure Your Solution, confirm all Mandatory SSCUIs and select the Proceed to Run button. Please refer Execute Configuration Transport Sprints.

Within the above procedure it is mentioned that the form should be transported from Q system to P system using the Fiori Tile Transport Management -> Export Software Collection in Q system and Import Collection in P system.

In Export Software Collection, click on (1) Add Items and select (2) Filters (3) "Email Template",  Click on (4) Go. From among Form Templates, select (5) the content form and add click on (6) OK to add to the Software Collection. You can then click on (7) Export button at the bottom of the screen.

Login to P-System and Import the Software Collection.


You can open OSS messages using component:
BC-CCM-PRN - Output Management, Cloud Print Manager
CA-GTF-OC - Output Control for forms (S4HANA)


Output Management (1LQ)
Extensibility (1N9) 

Some of the notes below are for S/4HANA on-prem but would help with some content.
SAP Note 2228611 – Output Management in SAP S/4HANA (S4OP)
SAP Note 2791338 – FAQ: SAP S/4HANA output management (S4OP)
SAP Note 2292646 – SAP S/4HANA output control – form templates with fragments (S4OP)
SAP Note 2292681 – SAP S/4HANA output control – form master templates (S4OP)

Hope this was useful.

Mahesh Sardesai
SAP Canada
S/4HANA Cloud Product Expert