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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Using the SAP Business ByDesign OData API for business objects you can easily query and get supplier data by its tax identification number (for example the VAT number).

Here are 4 ways to find a supplier by its tax ID:

Preparation: Expose SAP ByDesign supplier tax data via OData

Open work center view Application and User Management – OData Services and create a Custom OData Service for business object Supplier and include the following business object nodes and elements:

Please note, that I selected the "Enable Search"-indicator for the elements InternalID, BusinessPartnerFormattedName and PartyTaxID such that I can use the OData parameter $search to find suppliers using these elements.

Under Function Imports I added the query QueryByBusinessObjectSupplier:

Save and activate the Custom OData Service.


Option 1: Query

Using the query function import you can get the supplier by its tax ID.

Sample OData request:


As result you get the supplier root data incl. information such as the UUID, the InternalID and the supplier name.


Option 2: Filter

By a GET request on the business object node SupplierTaxNumber you can get supplier tax data using the tax ID as filter parameter. Using the OData parameter $expand you can follow the assoziation to the supplier root node and include the supplier internal ID, supplier UUID and the supplier name into the OData response.

Sample OData request:

https://{{TenantHostname}}/sap/byd/odata/cust/v1/khsupplier/SupplierTaxNumberCollection?$format=json&$expand=Supplier&$filter=CountryCode eq 'SE' and PartyTaxID eq 'SE999999999901'


Option 3: Search

Similar to option 2 you can use the OData parameter $search to get the supplier tax data by the tax ID and incl. the supplier root node into the response.

Sample OData request:



Option 4: OData API for Data Sources

If you want to get the supplier from its tax ID using a technical user, then you could use the OData API for data sources.


  1. Activate the OData API for analytical data sources in your Business Configuration Scope.

  2. Create a Communication System that represents the remote system. Create a Communication Arrangement for the communication scenarios “Analytics DataSources OData”.

  3. Externally expose the data sources Supplier Details (BPSPPB) and Supplier Master Data (SUPPLIER).

Get the supplier UUID by the supplier tax ID, for example:

https://{{TenantHostname}}/sap/byd/odata/analytics/ds/Bpsppb.svc/Bpsppb?$select=C_BpUuid,C_TaxCountry,C_TaxType,C_TaxIdNr,Count&$format=json&$filter=C_TaxCountry eq 'SE' and C_TaxIdNr eq 'SE999999999901'

and then follow the assoziation "to_BpUuid" or get the supplier master data by the supplier UUID, for example:

https://{{TenantHostname}}/sap/byd/odata/analytics/ds/Bpsppb.svc/Supplier?$select=C_BpUuid,C_BpIntId,T_BpFrmtdName,Count&$format=json&$filter=C_BpUuid eq guid'00000000-0001-1DEF-BA9F-CD59144F3576'
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