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MPN in S/4 1610 - Output management based on NAST

I was trying to look for the information on MPN settings and could not find the detailed configurations steps. After going through some information & help.sap links I was able to configure MPN set up in S/4  1610 system and this works exactly same as ECC systems with printing configured using old output type ( Nast & output type NEU).


** PO print & Nast should be configured in the system for output type NAST. Will post the blog for this, however there are lot of blogs on this.

** S/4 offers two ways of printing:  Refer the link to S/4 1610 guide for more details.

a)   Output management based on NAST 

b)   New Output management based on BRF+



This blog will help to configure & understand the MPN in the system very quickly and without going through different links.

AMPL settings are also explained at the end of the blog.

There are links at the end of the blog which can be referred to get more information. 

Materials part number has few configurations which make it work. The below example is for Company A with 2 products with different names procured from 2 different vendors or manufacturers. ( There could be more materials and more manufacturers and vendors).

Company A has its material as SB-01-HAWA which is the company’s own material number. Company A procures this material from two different Vendors or Manufacturers as 111051 and ABCD. These two vendors have their own name for these materials as SB-MPN01 & SB-MPN-C-1 respectively. Please see the illustration as below:  

Company A Vendor / Manufacturer 111051 Vendor / Manufacturer ABCD
Material Number SB-01-HAWA SB-MPN01 SB-MPN-C-1


Please configure the below settings in the system: 

Go to transaction OMT0 and make sure the MPN flag is set up

⇒ Maintain MPN profile ⇒ SPRO ⇒ Material management ⇒ Material master

⇒ This setting is optional, it will pad the delimiter to MPN material


Create the master data records: 

    ⇒ Vendor Master Records; Create Vendors  111051 and ABCD using BP transactions.            (not  explained here )

    ⇒  Create Material Master data:

i) Create Company A’s Own material SB-01-HAWA in MM01 with any Material type (example HAWA, ROH etc.) for a plant and storage location.

ii) Create a Material - SB-MPN-C-1 with HERS material type in MM01 


In the next screen enter the data as below & Save.

This material created in the system with HERS material type will link the Vendor or Manufacturer and their material with company’s own material.  In the above case, SB-MPN-C-1 from vendor ABCD is linked to SB-01-HAWA. The SB-MPN-C-1:ABC can be any number and the Mfr part number is a free text so any material number can be entered here.

        iii) Create another material with HERS material type and maintain data as                                         below



NOTE: SB-HERS and SB-MPN-C-1:ABC is like connectors of Internal material SB-01-HAWA to part numbers SB-MPN01 and SB-MPN-C-1.

In the Mrf Part number field in MM01 next screen ( HERS material type) is free text entry and any part number can be entered. This will be later printed on PO.


Application data: 

  1. Create the PO in ME21N, the MPN profile should come in Material data for the PO. Save the PO


Click on the Print Preview of the PO, the Part numbers are printed in PO


Additional topic: 

AMPL – If the customer is using APML. AMPL provides an additional list where you can maintain your parts with Internal material and manage parts with validity dates.

 To use the AMPL the AMPL flag must be checked in the MPN profile as below:

⇒ Maintain MPN profile ⇒ SPRO ⇒ Material management ⇒ Material, master


⇒ Go to transaction MP01 and maintain the AMPL list as below for the internal material

SB-01-HAWA of Company A.


Maintain the MPN materials for the internal material SB-01-HAWA. Here maintain the materials SB-HERS and SB-MPN-C-1:ABC ( these are materials with material type HERS which are connected with the MPN material in master data, this is already explained in the beginning)



Now the PO print preview will read the part numbers from this AMPL list maintained.

If the validity or blocking indicator are set than these materials will not be read 

The example above SB-HERS (& its corresponding part SB-MPN01)  is not valid in the current date and will not be shown in the PO print



** Note: There is an additional field on PO screen in ME21N where the MPN can be keyed in. This is a case where we have one to one relationship of MPN material and company's own material.


 SAP Help links:     https://help.sap.com/saphelp_47x200/helpdata/en/75/ee15c655c811d189900000e8322d00/content.htm?no...