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In our earlier blog, we discussed about how to leverage machine learning with the ISLM (Intelligent Scenario Lifecycle Management) framework. Now that we see the ISLM framework is available with improved features, more innovation is happening around the framework with more integrations into the other ML frameworks. While with the earlier PAi (Predictive Analytics Integrator) framework, you could only leverage the SAP HANA PAL and APL libraries for machine learning, with the ISLM framework you could also leverage the machine learning algorithms from Tensor Flow, Python, the open-source R etc. Initially the integration started with helping to build the side-by-side ML models with the SAP Data Intelligence platform and later on it is now getting extended to the SAP AI Business services using the AI foundation. There are more updates happening on the integration front with the SAP AI business services and hence we shall come back to this topic when we discuss the side-by-side ML scenarios with ISLM.

Let us now get back our focus on the embedded ML in SAP S/4HANA and the migration of PAi to the ISLM framework. I will not go into the details of the ISLM framework or the architecture concepts since we did discuss them in the earlier blogs. Hence the focus here is mainly on the embedded ML use cases that are migrated from the PAi framework to the ISLM framework.

As of May 2021 (the 2105 release), you will still have both the PAi framework and the ISLM framework available in the SAP S/4HANA system as shown in the picture above. The customers and partners can use either of the "Predictive models" Fiori app(from the PAi) or the "Intelligent Scenario Management" Fiori app(from the ISLM) to do training of their models. But the "Predictive Scenarios" Fiori app (from PAi) is read-only and cannot edit/publish the draft scenarios. Hence you will need to use the "Intelligent Scenarios" Fiori app (from the ISLM) to create/edit/publish scenarios.

Following are the embedded ML scenarios in SAP S/4HANA that have been successfully migrated from PAi to ISLM. There is not much difference on how you would train a model, activate a model and run the model which is similar to what you have done in the past. But the corresponding scope items and the documentation has been updated on the SAP Help portal etc.

LoB/Industry Use case Technical Scenario  Algorithm Component Scope Item
Procurement Supplier Delivery Prediction SUPLRDELIVPREDICT REGRESSION MM-PUR-PO 3FY
Procurement Quantity Contract Consumption QTY_CONTRACT_CNSMPN REGRESSION MM-FIO-PUR-ANA 1QR
Sales S/4HANA Sales: Predicted Delivery Creation Delay PRDTDDELIVCRTNDELAY REGRESSION SD-ANA 2YJ
Sales S/4HANA Sales: Predicted Delivery Processing Delay PRDTDDELIVPROCGDELAY REGRESSION SD-ANA 2YJ
Sales Sales Performance - Prediction SALESVOLUME001 REGRESSION SD-ANA 2YJ
Produce - Inventory Management Stock in Transit material overdue MATERIAL_OVERDUE_SIT REGRESSION MM-FIO-IM-ANA 20N
Produce - Inventory Management Consumption Data for Slow or Non-Moving Materials MMSLO_CONSUMPTION_02 REGRESSION MM-FIO-IM-ANA 20N
Produce - Quality Management QM – Defect Code Proposal QM_DEF_CODE_PRPSL TEXT_ANALYSIS VDM_QM_NOTIFICATION 20N
Produce Demand-Driven Replenishment: INDIV_LEADTIME_STO2 REGRESSION PP-DD-BLM-BAS 20N
Research & Development Project Cost Forecast PROJCOSTFRCAST01 REGRESSION PS-FIO 2Y7
Finance Financial Statement Insights (sunset since Q1 2020 and not to be used) FIN_STMNT_PRED_AMT REGRESSION LOD-MAP-FSI
Finance Check Assigned Liquidity Items version1 (also called Detect abnormal liquidity items) FCLM_RDT_CALI_V1 CLASSIFICATION FIN-FSCM-CLM 30K

The above are the ML scenarios migrated from PAi to ISLM that are embedded in SAP S/4HANA. We will provide detailed updates on the embedded ML scenarios leveraging ISLM in a best practices package as well that would be focused on the naunces of how-to-use these scenarios out of the box and also enhance them further. Please stay tuned for more updates and happy predicting the future with ML technologies!

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Happy predicting the future!!