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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

After customer/vendor contact person get synchronize to Business Partner, customer always get confused about where to find/maintain the corresponding address/communication field at BP side. Customer Master and Contact Person is using BAS (Business Address Service) for many years by using central address tables. Business Partner is using BAS as well with own address data sets. This makes whole address management complex. With this blog post I would like to bring some light into this topic.

3 types of KNVK address

Workplace address: Mandatory for KNVK record

Home address: Personnel or Private address of the contact person

Business address: alternative workplace address of the contact person address

Mapping between BP and customer/vendor contact person

Next, I will show mapping between BP and customer/vendor contact person. The following systems will be used:


Workplace address

It is Mandatory for KNVK record

Sample data:

Customer 128 has contact person 0000023342.


I maintain telephone and e-mail address in below fields:


After CVI, customer 128 synchronize to BP 396.


Contact person 23342 synchronize to BP 395.


I can find the telephone and email address get synchronized here:


Click on Addr. Overview button, we can get below result.


How can we check at BAS table:


BUT020-ADDRNUMBER of BP-Org 396 = 43587

BUT000-PERSNUMBER of BP Person 395 = 43586

KNVK-PRSNR = 43584

KNA1-ADRNR = 43583





Related KBA about workplace address:

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Please go ehead refer to below blog, since I seperate this article into three part

Mapping of address data between Business Partner and customer/vendor contact person - Part 2

Mapping of address data between Business Partner and customer/vendor contact person - Part 3